Some suggestions for Weapons/Mounts etc

Hi there. I really enjoy the game and had some ideas i want to share here.

Claw Weapon:
As Tanks are usually rare (from my pov), a new tank weapon would be a nice addition.
My idea is a Claw, maybe paired with a shield. The “Bearclaw” revolves around taking damage and counterattacking. It has a rage-bar that fills upon taking damage and once its full, you can shapeshift into an angry-earth bear. I feel like for balancing the human form should be a little weaker and the bearform a little stronger than average.
I think shapeshifting is a fun feature and works well with new world as long as the beast is fitting the theme (angry earth) and the transformation is combatrelated. (To make sure that cities are not populated by angry earth bears crafting stuff.)
It could also be possible to make the shapeshift something you work for and unlock via a questline given by some angry earth npcs you help out.

There are a lot of ppl asking for them. I dont see the need of “regular” mounts for new world and the gw2 approach, while being clever does not 100% fit new world as well.
The pvp faction quests are usually a little boring (from my pov) or cant be done alone, thats why i think mounts could be added in a new playstyle named “Caravan”.
You start with a donkey and have to transport some valuable items from one city to another while being flagged for pvp. You can use the roads to be faster or go through the woods to make it more unlikely that someone finds you.
When you progress in this playstyle you are able to get a horse carriage that fits multiple ppl to defend it. At this point roads are neccessary to use or offroad gets a least a huge speed disadvantage.
To make sure players are hunting these caravans there needs to be a counterpart which could be a bandit “profession” that you can progress through finding and hunting these caravans. It could get abilitys like laying down traps for these carriages to slow them down and stuff like that. This would add mounts and give players a reason to play open world pvp.
To make sure there are always some caravans and this does not end up being a walk in the park, add some bandit npc and caravans that are npcs as well, as long as players are not taking their place.
If New World needs to monetize more stuff, give people different looking mounts in the shop that dont change gameplay. So for example a big pig for the donkey or a camel for the Horse.

You probably heard of this before but some parts of the game should include crossserver play. For example instanced pvp (arena) or expeditions. This should reduce waiting times and fluctuating server population shouldnt be as much of a deal anymore.
For people who like to play with their server only, you could add an option to just search for groups on your own server (for expeditions for example).

Keep up the good work. Dont listen to the trolls, new world became a great game that offers a lot of fun :slight_smile:

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I like the idea of mounts from a collector stand point, I feel that your tank idea is good I just personally feel like it would be to OP, although the caravan bandit idea sounds pretty amazing, Crosserver is a great idea as well. with the monetization though I think it should always only be for cosmetics as soon as there becomes monetization that alters gameplay to give advantages to ppl is where they lose me and im 99.9% sure I am not the only 1 who feels this way.

Doesnt Great Sword have a tank skill tree? I would rather see a Dual Dagger Assassin with 600% damage skills on 60 sec cooldown and invisibility very sneaky peacky.

Who doesnt want to mount a mount? These mounts is NEEDED in the game.

  • Giant Bunny and you hold the ears.

  • A Cow, but when you try to jump with it it just says Moo.

  • Sit on the back of a Lost, it should scream when you run with it.

I also think that only cosmetics should be offered in the shop and thats exactly what i suggested. Same mounts but different looks. :slight_smile:
As for the Cow and Lost as mounts, i could actually see them being used in the caravan playstyle. Depending on the terretory and the npcs could say that they disguise their caravan as for example Lost to make them more unlikely being attacked (to not break the immersion) :smiley:
As for the weapon. I dont see a reason why balancing it shouldnt be possible. Just because it looks badass when you transform into an angry earth bear doesnt mean is needs to be op. Also these shapeshifting could have a higher skillcap when you think of for example gnar from league of legends. Managing rage and transform in the right moment and stuff like that.

Dual Daggers are already leaked i think and while they are pretty generic weapons i look forward using them as well. Huge ability damage and high cooldowns do not really sound fun to me. When i think about daggers, i think about huge backstab damage and low dmg against armored guys. While invisability sounds a little op, using smokebombs (like the npcs after caretaker uses in garden of genesis) and utilizing poison sounds fun and could be a solution for healers in pvp as well (assassins taking down healers while armored greataxe user split assassins in half sounds like a good rock paper scissor balancing that is somewhat intuitive).

a dual dagger assassin would be amazing, and those mounts sound awesome especially the lost that screams lol

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dnt get me wrong ram I like the idea I guess Im more worried about everyone and there dog running around everywhere as a bear lol

I thought exactly the same. Thats why i think managing a ragebar and transforming in combat and the need of being in combat to maintain the bearform could work well :slight_smile:
Meaning everyone who likes this would have claw/shield equiped in cities and while out of combat in general.
And it being a tankweapon would make sure there are enough tanks for expedition in the future.

that could possibly work or when you transform you double your hp, or they could add a transformation for each class they could do like a wolf or gator for dps, and a rabbit for healers lol

Yes exactly. There are endless choices but i think the least played role in groups should get a shapeshift weapon first. Thats why i thought about the angry earth bear as a tank.
I understand wolf but a rabbit for healers sounds a little dismissive :smiley:

To make sure the future weapons play different than the existing ones i would rather see a vampire-like-Lost/Corrupted transformation for healers. They damage themself to heal and buff their buddys and get health back when the group is successfull in killing or damaging stuff. Because it would probably be combined with lifestaff anyway, the healing of the lifestaff (or any other secondary weapon) could be made nessecary to stay alive as that healing-lost-character. Again, higher skillcap is also something ppl are looking for and managing this while dodging attacks of some bosses sounds promising :smiley:

I agree I was just being a smart@ss because my step brother playes a healer and when he worked at the prison the inmates called him a snow bunny lol