Some Suggestions on How to Improve the Game

Fresh start server will be the one of the few chances New World has to retain new and returning players. Why as a PvPer or a PvEer would I jump into an MMO that who’s economy is so busted. To the point I’ll have to either buy gold from RMT sites or slave away in game for hundreds if not thousands of hours, before I can start enjoying the game.

New World is not the only MMO on the market. And to be frank, New World is currently one of the more poorly received MMOs on the market. That pretty much have as low player retention as MMOs like ArcheAge or Eve Online. People come to try the game out and 99% or more quit right after hitting one of the many gates after reaching lvl 60.

If AGS have any intention on making New World more than just a Meme-like MMO.

  • AGS should start by adding fresh start servers.
  • If fresh start servers is out of the equation. Then do a soft reset of the economy. By Making all gear up to 625 outdated gear. And start the low tiered LvL 60 gear at 1000 GS with beefy stats to make 625 gear completely irrelevant, and let it be upgraded to 1125. Also allow for this new gear to be only craftable by resources not currently in the game. Also add a new currency requirement outside of coin to trade this gear with other players.
  • After that AGS should start to make PvP gear progression equal to PvE gear progression. Meaning PvPers can gear for PvP in reasonable time just by doing PvP.
  • AGS should make a new game mode for faction v faction v faction warfare. That runs for 24 hours a day. Where anybody and everybody can jump into at any time and go PvPing.
  • AGS should learn from other PvEvP MMOs, and have skills and gear act differently in PvP from PvE. There can be no semblance of balance as long balance from one mode effect another.
  • AGS needs to bring back depth into the combat. By adding stagger, and counters to different weapons and such. Like for instance, to elevate the proliferation of bows and muskets, you can add an ability in the shield tree that gives the wielder 3 to 5 second of reflect all projectiles.
  • Also, we need more than 3 abilities per weapon. Extend this out to 5 abilities for each weapon bar. That way people can have decent tools in their kits to adapt and overcome if played right.
  • AGS also needs to add counterplay to easy stun locking. They can do this by giving every player another ability on a 20 to 30 second cooldown that breaks them out of CC lock and make them immune to CCs for the next 2 to 5 seconds after breaking free.

Just my off the top of my head suggestion for New World to become decent MMO. To be adored by many more MMO fans.

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Territory ownership reset would be interesting, most welcome with the territory contest race overhaul

totally agree, we don’t need new weapons, let’s make the one we own and leveled so hard to shine, let’s shake things up, add new shiny animations, new abilities, new only PVE perks, overhaul talent trees etc