Some thoughts about 30% flagged bonuses

Just ran today in elite zones solo and realised like whats the danger of running as full group why the groups are getting so much bonus but im loosing much more for flaggin and running in it.Someone will say find someone and go run,but the thing is im solo player atleast at this server (couse of game transfer issues) but in every issue are big plus atleast i found that Solo players that are flaggin for bonuses gettin not enough bonuses because they are loosing much more then party guys or even RAIDS that running out and killing solo player just for fun and YELLING YEAH WE KILLED HIM i thought about why not to reduce the bonuses if there are party members , company members or guys from friendlist near like Bloodlust works you know. that will be fair enough.

I think, the best way would, delete the luck bonusses and for that delete the repair costs when you get killed from another player.

In my opinion, the best thing would be: Delete the lock bonusses and put PvP-Only with Full Loot in the game. With the opportunity for Insurances for your Gear.

man it wont happen. Full loot in general is a bad idea, its not Albion its not Ultima and 100% its not the Rust or other survival thing games generations are changin so do people who plays it. There is a reason why games became so casual with 3-5 buttons.its MMO with huge part of pve and insane prices for gear with right perks and other stuff. if you want kill a pvp in general in NW then it will be full loot.

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in general i like the luck bonus it brings more fun in running and fighting not only with mobs when getting a ori vein. but the thing is in absurd defi of %. solo players must have higher bonuses then party member because party has advantage with 2-5 or even raid . And solo player have 0 advantages of it, About repairiings its absurdish amount you payin for repair.that mustnt be so. at least they must double less the amount repair parts used and cost too

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