Some thoughts about OPR

Im sure lots of people will have already said much of this, but ive been trying to enjoy OPR all day and some stuff is really beginning to annoy me. This game mode as it currently stands has mad potential but falls flat in basically every respect

  • The Heavy vs Light balance is TOTALLY off, im pretty much choosing to be useless in anything besides heavy gear.
  • Brutes are totally broken and not fun to deal with, if this is meant to function a bit like a drake style objective then 500 azoth is WAY too low, it should be like 3000 or something for the power that these things bring. It should also be timed and immediately dissapear when the outpost its attached to changes hands.
  • Well geared players are pretty much gods in this game mode, it makes for a shit experience for everyone else. Stat advantages should be reduced significantly. Maybe boost players in below average gear to a base mark.
  • As a musket user, my shots aren’t landing in many scenarios where they absolutely should be landing. Often in clumped up situations people just aren’t taking damage.
  • As a throwing hatcher user, the throwing hatchet tree is totally unusable in pvp, its absolute trash. Infected throw requires you to aim away from your target to hit, the other 2 spells only seem to land randomly even though they shoot straight forward. Its impossible to kite and dodge away from targets in PVP, its doubly impossible to do that and then also land hatchet headshots as the tree is geared towards precision. The tree wants you to jump out of the way of players, dodge and fire a hatchet or 2 at their head, then repeat. This playstyle is straight up impossible in PVP, the slow is not strong enough, the time to fire and move is not enough, landing headshots is too hard given how fast you have to aim. This whole tree needs to rework, and ideally at least some synergy with the berserker tree, there are no synergistic talents in the berserker tree for someone who wants to primarily throw hatchets.
  • The game lacks anti-heal, every dps should have a means to spec into anti-heal.
  • Healing is way too strong, if I see the person I am fighting has a lifestaff I just leave because its impossible for me to kill them unless they are totally clueless. I see healer-tank hybrids fighting several people and its just silly.
  • Precision, I hate it. I hate how many of the projectile weapons in this game reward absolute precision. I hate it primarily because in any PVP situation precision is insanely hard to accomplish. People are jerking around due to lag and random dodging so landing headshots is just not practical most of the time. The game needs to be more generous with hit registration, bigger hitboxes are a must.
  • A lot of people playing OPR simply dont care to figure out how it works, we need to direct people into playing it properly. Maybe quests at the town board which relate to OPR? Upgrade a door to Tier 2, Gather and use x infused ore, cap a point, steal resource from players etc.
  • Grenade/Artillery style projectiles should have a visible flight arc. Im talking about musket sticky bomb and the cannons facing mid.
  • Weapon switching, the clunkiness of weapon switching currently drives me mad. I moved to a busier server and its just way worse, more than half the time I switch I haven’t actually switched.
  • Oil vat, Repeater, Door are simply too expensive and too time consuming to build / upgrade. Also way too easy to destroy.
  • Battle bread and the other similar buff, I think the mode would be better off without this. Its time consuming to get and is just another thing too keep track of. Zephyr is great, maybe another buff that allows you to harvest faster.
  • Getting one shot by Ugg/Dug as a light armor user isnt fun, also having to force them into reset to mine isnt fun, haven’t to go the the mine area generally isnt fun, zombies everywhere just to make things more time consuming and hard.
  • Teamwork, its going to always be lacking because of how this game mode gets players. Many of the mechanics of OPR are more appropriate for highly organized teams. I dont know how to resolve this, maybe some way to create leadership in a match. The rate at which resouces gathering needs to take place to properly upgrade stuff is clearly meant for organized groups, yet often I am the only one in a team of 20 who bothers to build the respawn point.

I could go on but thats my take on OPR, great idea but highly flawed in its current form. Even though I will still most likely play for the gold and its a fairly mindless way to grind gear score.

This is by far the worst critique I’ve read regarding OPR.

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