Some thoughts and Suggestions

So I know there are definitely larger fish to fry right now, but I thought I would toss out a few suggestions of things that might make QoL in the game a bit better.

  • Saved item sets - Specific bonuses granted to item sets based on the number of pieces you have equipped. For example, plus x for each piece of Barbarian armor equipped.

  • Quick change sets - the ability to set up item sets that you can easily switch to. For example, I have a complete set of fishing gear and it would be great to be able to put it all on or take it off with out having to click 6 things.

  • Porter/caravan - A way to move large quantities of goods from one town to another. Pay coin to have the game move stuff for you. The more you move the more it costs and the longer it takes.

  • Known Recipes -it would be extremely helpful if the game would have some sort of notification letting me know I already know a recipe or schematic. I know I have salvaged the same recipe at least once wasting a copy that I already knew.

  • Share Quests - I have seen this in many games and it surprised me that New World did not have it. The ability to go into the journal and share the quest you have with a group mate. That way you are working toward a common goal.

  • Group quest tags - It would also be helpful if we could see the quests that our group has pinned on the map.

  • Group members on Compass - it would be extremely helpful if our groupmates would show on the compass. Too often I have to open the map to see where they are. Especially if they are out of LOS.

  • Current Inventory when crafting - It would be excellent if the crafting UI would have a place that tells you how many of an item you have when you go to craft it. For example, when I want to create a Weak Healing Potion for a city quest, it would be awesome if the crafting UI listed how many I already have in my Inventory.

  • Company Storage Shed - A place where company members can place items and materials for other company members to use.

These are some of the things that have come to mind while playing.

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