Some TP Suggestions

In recent days ive started spending far longer than is healthy on the TP trying to make some money. I would like to suggest some changes that would save myself and everyone else a large number of clicks.

  • A “Buy everything below this price” feature, certain resources, normally those that come from dungeons are often listed at single quantity when they are ideal to be bought in bulk. Similarly someone can by all but one of any material and “pollute” the listings page with quantity 1s that someone else then has to go and clear out.
  • A TP Summary on login that shows what you bought/sold whilst offline.
  • “Your Sell order has been undercut” notification.
  • “Your Buy order has been undercut” notificaiton.
  • The ability to adjust an active buy order, both quantity and price. (currently you have to: Cancel > Buy > Search > click it in search > place buy order)
  • Partial searching which can return multiple items based on free text.
  • In the sell tab, when you click at item, we need “Orders that are selling this item” above “Orders that are buying this item”. I cannot make a sound decision on a buy order without knowing if an item may go for higher. Many people myself included often put 0.01 buy orders on things that go for more because people who aren’t paying attention fill them.
  • Add filter - Excluded attributes, would be more useful than existing attributes. I often want to see items with All Str / All Con or Str/Con.
  • Add filter - Rare/Epic/Legendary
  • Add filter - Excluded perks, I dont want to see resilient on ward gear.
  • In cases when there are no items for sale, it would be nice to know how much the last one sold for.
  • Quite often when you fill buy order they dont get removed from the buy order list then you get an error when you try to fill them again (this is a bug thats been around for quite a while)
  • When you buy something it should immediately refresh the buy list, when you buy entire pages of items you have to refresh after which is kind of annoying.

My final suggestion is a bit more out there, can we get some indicators of how active the market for an item is? So for example when I look an item in the sell tab I would love to see how many people have looked it up, how many have sold in the past week, etc. Its fairly common now that something will “be going for 1000g” but its really just one person making it refusing to go lower with no buyers.

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