Someone give me trade and give 10k gold

What i should do in that situation?

u got gift…take it for free :wink:


That may be a bot cutting his losses and trading as many as possible to clear his main account. But I still think you are in the clear.

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Hello @DeadEndless

I hope you’re well.

If someone willingly gave 10k gold for free to you then I believe you don’t have to do anything. You can keep it and use it. :slight_smile:

Have a good day :slight_smile:


seriously? we are sitting in topics with 400+ reply without any cm reaction, then dude who buys golds, gets an 4m to answer?

duuuuuude thats lmao


You realize they just read them and don’t comment right. They literally state in hot topics occasionally that the post is flagged and watched and they don’t comment.

Yeah ummm

If this is true this statement can be used to defend anyone buying gold. Someone gave me gold ‘for free’ nevermind the fact that I paid them $20 USD via PayPal outside of game.

What your post should say ‘If someone gives you a large amount of gold, open a ticket to clear that the gold is legit, if it is you’ll be informed and you are then free to use it’


‘if someone gives you gold ‘rabdomly’ wait a week before spending it in case it’s duped, etc and gets removed.’

Basically your comment sets an incredibly dangerous standard that once someone gives me gold it’s mine and I can spend it and nothing bad will happen that gold purchasers will use to defend themselves.

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Probably dirty coin.

Yes but that can never be proven.

The point isn’t that they may have purchased the gold. It’s that telling them your free to use it neglects the whole if this is duped/botted gold it could be removed.

So let’s say this 10k is duped and AGS discovers this and removes it…well now this person has a reason to go to customer service and be like HEY! You said this was my gold I can spend it…and they’d have a legitimate legal case (as silly as that sounds).

They’re gonna ban you man. Put that money in a fire pit asap :slight_smile:

Did you see the customer service response? No one is getting banned for being traded 10k at ‘random’

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Start buying gold in 10k increments boys!

(This is sarcasm before anyone gets upset)

Outsourced customer service. It’s the way of the world now.

Tbh 10k is nothing and some people give out gold when they quit. I had a guy quit in everfall earlier in the game trade everyone all his gems hold everything.

Yeah it’s just wild they’d be allowed to post here with Amazon tags…which can absolutely set precedents. I used to defend them but it’s getting pretty hard to think they are going to turn this ship around before Amazon cuts their losses.

Amazon’s one of the worst offenders of outsourcing customer service. God forbid they pay a whole 3 bucks more an hour for same country support reps. Hell that’d eat into their trillion dollar profit margin by like .0000000001%. Can’t have that shit man

Man i figure out yesterday that man give me that by mistake i gave gold to him back xD i was thinking that’s an a dup gold that’s why i ask administration to don’t get ban. In New World you never can be sure that it isn’t bugged gold xD. And i have cap gold and don’t wanna to buy it on Web xD. Farming gold it’s easy and cup only 500k it’s get’s 1 week to have cap. GLHF) and thanks for you replies and don’t do like that suggestions if you are not know’s all of the situation xD

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