Someone hacked my account

A week ago I logged out of my account and two days ago I reopened the game to play and I noticed that someone hacked my account. I had a transfer token and 150k gold and almost 200 asmodeom ingot and more precious items in the game by my time and effort, but nothing of that left to me. I was in midgard server, but the hacker got me into ship-trap. it’s so upsetting to have my account hacked like that without protection from the game itself.

my steam account isn’t hacked and not shared with anyone. also I played the game for almost 900 hours I won’t risk my account to give to someone else. I’m sure you can check out my account activity and everything.

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Hi @Bsma, welcome to the New World forums, I hope you are having a great day.

I’m sorry to read about this situation that you are going thru, on this case we’ll need to investigate a little bit further and file a ticket, I’ll kindly ask you to please reach our Live costumer service.

As some extra steps and just to have some more security can you please check this link Account Hacked and follow the security instructions steps.

Thanks for the patience, see you on the lands of Aeternum. :sparkles: :sparkles:

how can someone hack the game account, without having ur steam account ?


*** Hi @Bsma, welcome to the New World forums, I hope you are having a great day. **

you asking some one whos had there account hacked if there having a Great day … man you guys with your copy paste …

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