Someone please explain this

how tf does this bow weigh 26.4 and the hammer weighs 13.0 ???

The bow is denser. A higher density. You know, physics! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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you’re right that make sense, wtf was i thinking. lol


The hammer has 28 strength so it feels lighter to pick up because you are so much stronger when you use it.


magic my dude

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There are a lot more serious problems in this game than the weight of an item.

Its made of Ironwood apparently :joy::rofl:

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do weapons count towards the total armour weight? if so, that could be the difference from a light dodge to a medium or medium to heavy.

Nope, only to weight in inventory and shield count for weight tho :smiley:

The hammer head is hollow.

Which is fitting because since the last nerf so are it’s skills.

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