Someone trying to get me banned

There is a certain player on our server, who seems to be spreading a rumour about me and attempting to get me banned…

Slight back story, said Character, created a company the same time I did on day 1 of the server, our company grew, his did not, he was upset about this from day 1. He never offered any help to any of the other Syndicate companies when they needed it, and when the time came that he asked for help, we all said no. Long story short, he got salty, transfered to Marauders faction, and declared war on our town. During last nights downtime he lost the 15k war declaration fee as the war happened before the servers came up so we, as the defending company, won.

Now, he is spreading a rumour that I am embezzling company funds and selling the gold for real life money. This is obviously 100% not true and I’d be 100% happy to submit my account for full inspection by the powers that be. We as a company, have also been keeping a detailed ledger of every single coin spent & earned within the company. Its very accurate but may be slightly off as we cant accurately record company member donations as there is no log.

As the company leader I am obviously worried about a ban even temporarily while its investigated as we have wars and things to prepare for and I don’t want to lose any game time. I’m hoping by posting this I can get ahead of any accusations and preempt any investigations.

Also if my account has been reported by anyone for this matter I would also like to counter-report for harassment, false accusations & wasting Amazon CS time.

Please feel free to contact me privately for anymore information or anything you would require.

Kind regards,


So basically, you have been taking money from your company members and selling that very small amount of gold(in terms of other actual gold sellers) for real money?

Sounds legit.


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