Somes QoL feedback!

I use to play black desert online,

1/ I do not know if you know this game, but it is also a game where we need to switch between different equipement set (gathering, combat, life skill, etc…).
And they find a tricky way to make it easier to manage all this stuff, they introduced a suit case !
This suite case contain a set of stuff and by double clicing on the suit case, your equiped stuff were switching with what is inside the suite case.

Ok we needed to have our suite case on us any time, but this is just a base of an idea that could be improved.
The suit case could be brought from cash shop (with real money) and also buyable with ingame currency.

2/ Theyre is also others point i want to brougth to your attention.
Still in BDO (black desert online - again, i know…) we were able to interact with trading post from anywhere in the world, sutch a simple and great thing :slight_smile:
We were able to buy or sell from anywhere, it was realy cool. (through escape menu)

It could be a good improvement, whyle we wait for someone in front of an expedition entrance until everyone is ready, or when we wait for monster respawn … 5 min can be long :slight_smile:
Check what is up on market from anywhere at any time was great.

3/ And one last point, it should be possible to queue for OPR (out post rush) from anywhere in the world (by pressing escape we should have a menu : queue for OPR).
In my case, me and my team, queue for OPR, then we go in open world everyone doing is own business after some time OPR start.
But when it is finish, all of my teamate are spread around the world (noe of us are in town) and we can’t queue again until one of us go in town.

ps : you should be able to queue for OPR as a grp, but once OPR start, all member should be mixed.
Today OPR is dieyng because of some premade team that crush any one on the server, it is no more enjoyable for small old playe like me and my team.
But be carefull with this one, many player may not like it.

ps2 : taken dommage should be also part of the point in OPR ranking, think about tank !


Id like to add to the list here a color change to ground support abilities such as Sacred ground. It is a pain to know whether the Sacred ground on the floor is your allies’ or the enemy’s. That could work for Ice Storm and the VG ground ability too. Everytime I see it on the ground my instant reaction is to flee cause it’s so freaking OP that if it is the enemies I’m staggered, I’m taking damage and all that shit. My reaction would not be the same if I knew it’s an ally ability. The game needs it, please hear us.

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