Something false detect as cheat "Login Blocked: Suspicious Software or Corrupted Install Detected"

Name: FearFactor
Server: Camelot

Was playing just fine, fast travel to everfall. While organizing my storage and crafting. Got kick with “Login Blocked: Suspicious Software or Corrupted Install Detected”. Went to eat lunch and try to log in again later and got hit with “BAN FOR CHEATING”, Now I’m really confuse. Been playing this game since closed beta. Got over 466 hours on the release version, not counting real money spent for in game skins. I’ve no ban or vacban on my steam account. Nothing i can think of would cause this. Unless my Corsair ICUE RGB or Logitech GHub might false trigger EAC. I don’t know at this point. Maybe a DEV can help. @JWarlock


EAC is a joke, it doesn’t catch the actual bots at all.

Maybe point that out to support, if people want to use bots they are apparently able to without consequence as EAC is completely unable to detect one that has been running for three weeks with multiple reports from multiple people.

I’m sure I’ve seen more than one other person with a ban for “cheating” mention they have a Logitech Ghub thing too, I wonder if that’s a commonality.


There are more and more people with falsepositive bans. Nice :slight_smile:

The kids in the forum cried for bans and now the wrong people get them. This must be some sort of joke :smiley:

And the support tickets about bans are alle closed with “EAC says you are a cheater so this must be correct” bye

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Greetings @FearFactor0425

I do apologize about the unexpected experience you had within your play-through.

In this case you can take a look at this article: [Notice] Temporarily Disabling All Forms of Wealth Transfers that explains why this option was disabled.

I hope this information granted has been provided you gives a great and helpful insight.

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I think he’s complaining about his account ban, not about disabled options XD
but still this is hilarious:

“I do apologize about the unexpected experience you had withing your play-through.”

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My bad, I just noticed I answered the wrong player.

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