Something is wrong with mitagation

I hit for either 500-1,000 or 3000-4000.

I run 5 resilient 200 con and get 3 shot by most bows or muskets.

Is there a secret I’m missing. 25% thrust maybe? Some other perk?

You’re in light gear. If you’re in medium/heavy then something is really wrong.

Yeah, but the other guys I’m hitting fork a 1k are also in light. They’ll hit me for 1.9 on a light bow attack.

then they probably have way more dex than you

It’s not just mitigation, there are buffs and things to consider as well as conditionals. There are so many at play in any given encounter that it can make things not seem right.

There’s a passive for instance in blunderbuss that reduces all incoming damage by 50% for 4 seconds i believe, and there’s also fortify ect built in.

Sometimes when these effects stack just right it can make a light seem like they are wearing heavy, or make a heavy seem like they are wearing adamantium.

Same thing with damage stack effects, brash/first strike and close proximity to some combinations can drop you under half health on a single strike depending on the combo.

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