Something went wrong again

How is that?

files checked no errors

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I’m having the same issue and unable to sell insufficient items when i do have the items

It says storage full even if it is empty. And mats dont stack. And when refining or using any other table only mats you have on you can be used,

same issue for me :smiley:

Hello @Bublik.

I hope you’re having a good day!

I apologize for the inconvenience cause because of the above show glitch. I am extremely apologetic to @symph7486 @Ruts and @Pragna as well for the same.

It is very obvious that this is a bug which needs to be fixed so I’ll be reporting it to my team internally for sure. I’ll make sure that the bug will get fixed as soon as possible.

I would also request you all to additionally report this bug from your end by visiting this section on forums : Bug Reports - New World Forums

This will help us gather as much information as we can to understand and fix it without any further delay.

I appreciate your understanding at this.

Have a wonderful day ahead :slight_smile:

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