Somethings got to give, Crafting + Angry Earth Harvesting Disabled

I understand and agree with the idea that low level recipes should not be “effective” means to level something to 200, however, implementing a pseudo overhaul of the crafting leveling experience and then disabling the farming of Angry Earth creatures because the amount of Motes they drop is “too high” is rather absurd.

If the idea is to hold players hostage for longer for them to get things accomplished will make them enjoy the game more, I don’t agree with that. The solution to the “too many motes” problem should be to get a fix out asap and hold the L until then, not further bottleneck players because an undocumented change wasn’t properly tested. That is rather asinine, it isn’t fun either. Instead of working on professions, namely Jewelcrafting which is broken already, I get to sit around twiddling my thumbs wishing I could be getting meaningful progress accomplished.

And I don’t even want to get started on the BOT THAT I REPORTED 3 WEEKS AGO STILL RUNNING AROUND AS OF YESTERDAY FARMING IRON AND IT HASN’T BEEN BANNED. I pray it finally got banned but I won’t hold my breath.

Just put the quints back on the drop tables instead at this point, at least then I can cut gems in a reasonable timeframe.

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