Soo... No regular bug-fix week-patch this week?

Because dev team had to extinguish couple critical issues they introduced while bug-fixing bugs, which were introduced in 1.1 patch, we won’t be having 1.1.1 patch, which would fix regular bugs from known issues thread?

So… In 1.1 they removed harvesting gear, so they had to spend time on creating feature, which would refund this mistake, and in the end they created gear, which would disturb pvp/pve balance, so they postpone it to correct it, which takes even longer to correct, which time they could spend on fixing already existing bugs.
On top of that, in 1.1 they again introduced large player group performance lags/freezes and overall combat stability in larger group of players, which affected pvp, as well as pve content, which took two maintenances(?) (and server side patches) to resolve, which time they could spend on fixing already existing bugs.
And finally, in 1.1 they introduced another issue with server time-jumps and another dupe, which in result they had to spend time on lowering house taxes, disabling and reenabling a lot of things, player and company compensation, which ended up being broken as well, which took A LOT of time to find and correct, as well as bringing back data for market, which was affected by players with compensated gold, which took a lot of working hours, which could be spend on fixing already existing bugs.
So much time wasted…

I am quite patient person, and right before 1.1 patch (and while reading it’s patch notes, but being unaware of amount of problems it will cause) I was quite positive about future of this game, but this amount of mistakes, bad decisions and hidden changes and bizarre underdevelopment, which lead to even more game breaking aspects, which needs to be immediately extinguish (which then lead to 10-12 hours servers maintenances even) is beyond ANY scale for average person to accept.

It’s hard to play a game, in which there are critical issues CONSTANTLY, fixing one issue cause another or new features breaks existing aspects, introduces another critical issue, there are constant maintenances for critical bugs or certain features are disabled due to critical issues…

Devs pushed all this to the point where I’m sad and I’m laughing at the same time, because of how hilarious it is. I’m still kind of playing this game, because I see team is trying, and communication is quite good after average start, but this is just horrifying how something inside is working very badly. I hope for better future, I guess.


How can someone be “horrified” and “sad” over a bunch of pixels on a screen? Its just a game, lots or more important things to care about.


And yet here you are commenting :wink:

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Major holiday in the US this week. Wouldn’t be surprised if we hear little to nothing. I’d be willing to bet no more than bare bones skeleton crew is in today. Anyone with final say is having turkey and ham with the family today.

Are you horrified and sad at the little game too? :laughing::sweat_smile::rofl:

Yeah i’m pretty sure all the Dev’s and Community Managers are enjoying a day home with their families being thankful they don’t have to put up with these forums for a day.

Not much point in tidying up when they are still putting fires out.

when AGS… “fixes” something… they usually break more… and the times where it doesnt break the game it results in more resources required to run the game…

compare resources required now vs release… its release resource cost wasnt great by a long shot but still far better than now… honestly at this point in time i wonder what their hiring criteria was

oh and theres an exception to increasing resource cost or breaking something else… that is when they fix things by removing it like they did to fishing chests when bots began appearing… they simply removed coin contents…

Yes much horrified, very sad. (In all honesty just doing a daily forum check to see if owt is bring fixed)

thx. mate. Some ppl are still normal…

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1.0.5 was a really good patch that didn’t break stuff.

They Rushed the Into The Void content and are paying for that with a lot of problems. The compensation mess for EU Central the other day was unrelated to anything within the game, that was just pure developer DB error.

Believe it or not, the game is getting better week by week, it’s just so much underlying garbage keeps popping up that sets them back. The Furniture mess being the current big one.



you forgot stat reset bug :wink:
when players reset stats they lost 5 of their total stat count, still unknown if its been fixed but some players still lack 10-15 stats, perhaps it was fixed in yesterdays “maintenance” ?.. :sweat_smile:

also… they have been short 2-3 zones since release which where delayed as even with the extra year they delayed the project couldn’t finish and thus naturally there is no content as heck they couldnt even make the maps in time so naturally end game was rushed and never ready for release as it was an after thought… like… oh yea didnt we forget something… -.-

Oh god there’s over 9000 different bugs we can call upon there is no question about that.

But to give credit where it is due the game is slowly (slowly) improving. I mean it’s been at least a week since the latest duplication or exploit was announced that shut down another system within the game and that alone is a good sign.

At current progression, a year from now we might just have ourselves a solid MMO until then people can either continue to follow along the epic journey (because I’ll be honest it’s super fun to just see what happens next at this point) or leave the game to sit in their steam library and play something else :stuck_out_tongue:

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To be fair, we should probably be thankful this thanksgiving they haven’t attempted a larger patch this week, with the way the past few have gone.


i will give them credit where it is due as afterall i work within a company that develops and sells software too… however the thing is…

they had a deadline and extended it multiple times, following that they went radio silent, the messages they then gave where not re-read before posting but just posted and crossing fingers…

This lead to massive confusion in regards to using 3rd party software to add a minimap etc.
which still is slightly vague…

furthermore they are saying less and less as the storm grows, which is understandable.

also… please don’t overlook the taboo of releasing effects present on nodes & gear and activated by abilities without testing resource consumption… heck even the ice gauntlet isnt fixed yet, they only added restrictions since it could crash servers… that is how rushed and horrid the development process is at the moment…


For sure, I’m not overlooking any of it. Everything is super skuffed.

But, if you don’t take it too seriously and sit back and enjoy the whole thing for the adventure it is, you can find a certain enjoyment from the whole. The game… it’s playable, the forums are a riot and you get to wake up each morning wondering what could possibly happen next!

As long as they are learning from their mistakes and they do not repeat the same mistake over and over again, the game will improve. So far, I’m not happy with the results. Hopefully things will improve after holidays.

About this week and patches. Developers are also human. They have to rest as well.

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No, it’s not about game I’m “horrified” and “sad”, it’s about fact, that some game developing company can have such management and decision making. I bet it’s really hard sometimes to work in such organization, so I’m personally sad for those people, because they trying, but still game is in a bad shape.

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