SORRY but... this game is dying

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Sorry, but these kinds of answers are not acceptable. New world is a diamond in the rough, a game that promises a lot … but now we are practically playing a beta, and bugs after bugs every week have already taken away the desire to play. I am retiring, I hope they improve to return in the future!


You know I always dismissed threads like this and people saying the game is dying. But honestly after seeing the PTR balancing notes where they buffed Greataxe/nerfed Bow, I don’t see a future for this game. It’s like they don’t even play the game.
Throwing money and time at incompetence won’t fix it.


Mele is in a good spot buffing them this much is just insane. All it needs is cleaning up the animations so it is fluid and tracking what weapon you have selected. What it comes down to is Amazon out sources a lot of work.

Team A: Fix magic its op
Team B Fix mele it needs some buff

put it together with no oversight and you get the PTR…


That immobilized state issue has been around for at least a year. It really brings to question how they triage bugs, when you have something so critical just sitting for so long.


I wouldn’t even say just “melee”. EVERYONE in PvP is running Greataxe/hammer and Heavy Armor. Meanwhile spear/rapier are throwpicks. What do they do? Give the Heavy Armor Greataxe with gravity well CC, Bloodlust, Sprint and a pull AN ADDITIONAL ROOT.



Keep nerfing all the weapons. I love imbalanced games.

Need to up great axe, hummer, heavy armor and ice gauntlet immidiately! And nerf all other weapons of course. Otherwise not all players can understand current meta.


Hummers are good.

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It is that the meta clearly depends on the errors, right now there is an error with the void armor, which means that a void armor defends the same as a level 20 armor

I invite you to discover Why New World can not die

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jajajajaja best link!

void isn’t bugged anymore, they fixed resilient perk last week.

Personally I don’t give 2 fudges about pvp meta, so melee & heavy is overpowered, ok, its bad, but you can cope with it, by playing as heavy melee yourself.

What you CAN NOT fix yourself and cope with - is absolute lack of PvP incentives, and 90% of servers dying before our eyes, for fcks sake my server has 500ppl peak online now!
And instead of rushing server merges OR giving out free server transfers for people on dead servers - they waste TWO weeks on a fcking PTR!


no, it’s another new bug. It was discovered thanks to the ice gauntlet

can you elaborate? I wasn’t in the loop this week (was waiting for patch, which never came out).

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Pls type the kinds of answers that are acceptable…
Apart from that: good riddance

Again, another post saying the gane is dying.
This is boring/frustrating.
Its 50-50. Some will stay, some will quit.
Doesnt mean it will die.

Bye bye!

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What are you trying to accomplish with this post?

I mean they added grit to whirlwind a ability no one used and they nerfed gravity well. It no longer roots you for 10 years. So I wouldn’t call that a great axe buff.

All I see in outpost rush since 1.0.5 are mages and paladins. 90% mages, 10% paladins.

Everyone plays the bug of the week, these are the exact same people pretending the hatchet was fine when they were killing teams with feral rush alone.

AGS really needs to close the bug report section for the open public. Users should be able to post and report stuff, not be able to see “how to’s” on cheating from people previously reporting.

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