SOS Bengodi (ES/EN)

URGENT: The current active population of the Bengodi server cannot maintain the infrastructures (workshop tables) due to the numerous invasions of corrupt people in the territories. They also can’t spend all of their game time closing corrupted rifts like slaves. They also can’t keep the workshop tables in high Tier because there isn’t enough population to pay for them through taxes. It is the case that the different factions have had to ally unofficially ingame to help each other, this in itself is insane as it goes against the purpose of this game, which is that the factions compete with each other. We know that the situation of our server does not give a damn to the Staff of this game since they always discriminate against the Spanish community, but they will not prevent us from continuing to report this injustice. We want a solution for our server NOW. Thank you very much for dedicating your time to us.

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Hi @Nanoka, I hope you are doing well.

Thank you so much for taking your time to share your feedback about the server population, I’m going to move your post from game support to the feedback section of the forum. Is very important for the team as this help us to keep improving the game.

Have a great day.

I noticed this last week when I logged onto Neno Kuni. Might have saw 1 T5 table NOT IN EF. Place was a ghost town, EF having basically no one around and tables the lowest I’ve ever seen them.

Need to overhaul that system or scale it on server population.

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