Soulwardens’ lore fail

So I cannot be the only one who was ticked off about the huge lore drop at such an early level. It completely threw out my RP of my character. I’m sure to many a huge part of an mmo is to role play at least to some extent.

Spoilers below….

When we get the casing to surround our soul in the main quest line… we are told that we no longer enjoy taste or love…. Really??

This just turned my character into an emotionless husk. Why would our characters even want to fight the corruption. They have no motivation or reason other then “I want to be a hero, at any cost” it literally makes no sense.

I don’t know about anyone else but roleplaying an emotionless robot kinda killed the game for me in the lore/story department.

Please tell me we can stop being soulwardens or something

Except it… doesn’t say that.

He describes it as putting a fire break in your soul, distance, to prevent corruption. Then adds it distances sensation & emotion.

He doesn’t say it removes any of the aforementioned entirely. We’re not husks, we’re just more impassive & analytical. Something you’d want in what’s effectively an anti corruption super weapon.

How does a Human defeat a monster? They become a monster themselves. This is logic 101. To defeat a demon/ monster in any anime, there is a human that becomes a hybrid the best of the human parts while also containing darkness… The story is written well enough

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