Sound problem in new world is going to make me quit this game

I have tried all, my drivers are updated, I have a rtx2080ti, i9 9900k and 16GB RAM DDR4. Im using an Logitech G pro X but it still happens with other devices. Please, fix it, Im enjoying the game so much and have played +200 Hours but this bug is annoying me so much.

Same issue here. It goes away sometimes, only to return without any changes being made. The only audio output I have is a Logitech G935. I was debating getting some normal speakers to see if it’s an issue with wireless headsets in general or Logitech in particular.

Don’t do it. It still happens with other devices. It is true that is more common with logitech devices, but it appear wiith my corsair HS.

Thanks for the warning. It went away for several days. Logged off, back on, and it reappeared.

I have the same issue, for now my workaround is to lower the quality.

Yeah it sounds a bit worse but at least its not cutting out.

Suggest you try it out.


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