Sound working through speakers but not through headset

When my default device is my speakers the sound works okay, but when I’m using my headset instead I get no audio coming through even though the headset is set to the default audio device. I have no idea how to fix this?


I had this yesterday. Try disabling voice chat in communications, that fixed it for me.

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Hello @jobyone,

Thanks for letting us know about this inconvenience with your headset.

Are you able to hear sound from other applications on your computer? (Example: YouTube, Spotify, Notifications, etc…)

We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Other applications work find with the headset, it’s just New World that I don’t get any sound on.

Hi I am also having this issue, I have re-installed the latest drivers for my headset and have checked in game volume and other applications, the only application I cannot get audio through my headset is new world. I have seen other people on reddit complain of this, they like myself, are using Bluetooth headphone, not sure if it a coincidence or not.

Disable voice chat in game.

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Done this and still doesn’t work.

I get the same issue. Doesn’t seem to work with Bluetooth / noise cancelling headphones

same problem

bluetooth headset, audio is fine, when game starts, no audio - AND my bluetooth volume controls on the headset don’t seem to work.

I changed voice chat to “group only” and audio works.

clearly an issue with game voice chat and bluetooth headset

I have Bose QC 35 ii wireless headphones and I had this same bug where turning off voice chat seemed to fix it, but I kept looking for fixes because I wanted to voice chat. I finally got it work by downloading the Bose connect app on my phone and updating my headphones to the most recent version, then turning off “self voice” in the settings.

Not quite the same issue, but I managed to fix my chat sound problem. Buried in Windows 10 is a sound setting to “Set as default communication device”. I had to disable that setting on my other sound sources.

There is a good online guide here: Set the Default Communications Device in Windows 10 1803 | MCB Systems

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Same issue here, been days trying to fix it and no luck… Sound only works on speakers, when switch to headphones nothing comes out…

Tried running everything as admin, still no luck, checked files integrity with steam, reinstalled the game… Every other app sound works except NW

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