Spam chat with Emotes

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Rapidly open the emote window while holding right mouse with an aimable skill and rapidly click the emote and the mouse and emote window.

Why is this spamming chat?! Also sorry to those that experienced the spam

Because apparently this chat box in game is some sort of HTML editor with limited functionality and none of the baristas know how to set filters and tabs correctly.

It’s like none of them have played any of the well rounded veteran MMOs available prior to making this game, to see what you’re supposed to in the most basic areas of development. I think they’re just flying by the seat of their pants to see how it goes.

So far? Swimmingly!

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LyshineUI, the ui that runs inside Lumberyard is an absolute joke.

We told them numerous times about how bad it is, and they ignored us, it’s the exact same, bugs, exploits and all as it was in Beta.

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