Spamming abilities

Can you please address the bug allowing players to spam abilities? I have seen a couple players abusing this in opr spamming scream, bow shots and other abilities. This is game breaking for both pvp and pve. This is not a small bug and will drive even more people away from game and deter new/return players from this game.

This bug is already exploited by many players on the bran server. Here is a link from such a situation NEW WORLD BRAN HAX 04.07.2022 - YouTube
How to cause an error?
You have to use the skill, click esc → shop → any skin, then esc to go back and click skin again. When done quickly, the character repeats the skill without spending mana or anything.

Thank you for reporting. Please refer to this post when reporting exploits: [Dev Blog] How to report Exploits