Spanish translation problems

The game in spanish has significant translation bugs. I know you solve the HTML tags in description, but now the values in the description are shown as 0 instead of the right value. As example, if you have a piece of armour with luck perk, in english say “you have a 4.2%” but in spanish it says “tienes un 0%”, making impossible to distinguish between different pieces of armor and other perks (happen also with weapon perks). Also, there is a confusing method for the kind of improvement you get from some perks. For intance, in rates, in english you use huge, high and other words that can be compared and choose the higher, but in spanish you use “mucho” or “bastante” that is not crear what of those are higher. I will suggest use high , medium or low rate instead (alto medio o bajo ratio). Appretiate your support of making spanish people enjoy your game in our mother language. Regards.


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