Spawn Camping in Outpost Rush

I am not sure what more needs to be said. Perhaps allow a small window of time where people are invincible after respawning AT THE FORT, not at the outposts. If you spawn at an outpost currently being sieged, you should absolutely be taking immediate damage. However, when all other respawns are unavailable, it is too easy to get spawn camped at the fort (where you start the OPR matches).

I suggest either a brief invincibility timer or to make the spawn area inaccessible to the enemy team.


+1 to this. You can make it a short timer or just enemy DOT that increases in tick dmg the closer you get towards this.

I’m disappointed whenever I see this.
How you win > whether you win.

Needs attention ASAP AGS:

They were 100% 3/4 of the way deep in our spawn just chewing us up lmao.

I agree that it needs to be fixed.

But you know what else needs to be fixed? The mentality of the player base that it’s okay to stand just outside that gate too. Someone made a choice to go in that gate. It’s real easy to say it was a kid or it’s the dev’s fault. It’s easy to be the thermometer reflecting the heat of the moment.

What we desperately need amongst the PvP community are more people being thermostats, setting the temperature of the room and self-policing this kind of stuff. It’s one of the best arguments for never making cross-server play, so the adult faction leaders in each server can collectively ban jerks like the one pictured above.

2-3 minutes into a match…

AGS please respond on this nonsense.

They could add fog of war, Slow areas that affect enemies (like the purple/white thing some boss have), or design secret Tunnels, Give high ground to team close to the base and the enemy can’t reach, that means that the way to exit is a jump… stuff like that…

But the goal needs to be remove that funneling and create “the unknow” for enemies who want to do that (making not worth to play like that), the rest will be team organization.

Should I just keep posting every time this happens in an OPR until they say something about it lol

+1 they need to implement a defense turret or lock enemies out of the spawn room. There is not legitimate excuse to allow this. I was on the winning side of this and felt horrible that this was even allowed. They don’t even have a chance because they cant even spawn in waves they spawn piece meal and are easily camped for the duration of the fight.

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