Spawn point camping in Outpost Rush

Please put a 30second immunity upon respawn in Outpost Rush (like when we leave towns). The last several Ive done, the other team has camped our spawn point. You cant fight back, you just respawn and die back to back to back.

War is war. Deal with it or stick to pve.

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They should add a safe border near the spawn gate to prevent enemies from entering and for the losing team to regroup.

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I was very surprised there wasn’t some type of barrier or instance similar to forts or gates and the enemy can just run in and do that.

Seems like something AGS overlooked and I’d like to see them fix it.

spawn camping isn’t war there matey…maybe you should stick to pve

As a PvP’er I love this actually. If my team gets owned this hard for this to happen we literally deserve it xD

Also to add, people who stick there and keep fighting are just leading to such a situation. Me slipping out with a handful of mates is enough to break the whole circle there

Noone likes handholding^^

“So for those folks who desire that harsh PVP environment, New World may not be your favorite game,” Amazon admits. “However, we do hope you enjoy the PVP we will offer.” New World just took a hard turn away from a PvP slugfest, and hardcore PvPers are not happy | Massively Overpowered

At the very least OPR needs multiple exits like every other MOBA known to man to reduce the effectiveness of spawn camping.


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