Spawning on the wrong server

So I created my first char on Tir Na Nog, had a DC before the tutorial and when I logged back in, the char was on Abaton.
I deleted that char, made a new one on Tir Na Nog, waited in queue, got DCed because of maintainance went back to Loginscreen it said Tir Na Nog, got in right after server was back up and checked the server in game and it said Naxos…
Why are the characters spawning on the wrong server?
I’m now in queue with the 3rd character for Tir Na Nog, hopefully it works now.


I suffered this same thing also. Tir Na Nog was the intended target but I spawned in another server.

Was a nightmare as I escaped the initial queue and lvl’d to 10 or so then had to delete the character and am now stuck in a queue. QA is not the hottest subject for MMO launches :smiley:


Same here, did create a Character on Tir Na Nog, wanted to get invited to my Buddies companies
wich did not find me. The textfield for the server in the Game Menue did only state: “World” and no name, when i asked in global players reportet i was on inferni…

now i recreated a character and am in que now… rly rly stings 90 minutes gone to nothing

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And again… this time my Character was sent to Baltia, altho i created him on Tir Na Nog

Same here. Created Char on Albraca, but entering World on Utgard. Weird.

Made a character on Midgard. Spawned on Alastor…

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