Speak for my friend since he cannot post on this forum

I am speaking for my friend’s situation. After the last update (1.0.1), he couldn’t log into his character, after clicking play, few seconds of loading screen appears than he was taken to main menu without any kind of notification. This problem was acknowledged by the assistance and getting on this forum he finds more people was in the same situation. 3 days ago he tried to login and found out he was banned without specific duration, and get on forum that seems almost every thread that reporting this issue has been deleted, and his FORUM ACCOUNT GOT BANNED TOO. He has not using any kind of cheat or exploit, lvl 27 its not high, and kinda broken in coins, low gathering skill (never fished).

Character name: Elishi
Server: Mardi


Hello @CuZZeTiEllo

Thanks for letting us know about this inconvenience with the report and ban system, you can proceed with an appeal by following the information in this link:


We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Already did, they said his ban is permanent but they did’t give any motivation.
Cheat? What kind of cheat? How could he use cheats if he played for a few hours? What advantages has it had?
As he said, he never used any kind of cheat or exploit, since he played for only few hours.
How is it possible that first the support says it’s a game problem and then you ban him?

The suspicious thing is that you have closed and blacked out all posts regarding that problem. Why?


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