Speaker and Microphone not detected

Speaker and Microphone not detected in the game client, can’t use voice chat in game. they both work in other applications like discord. ideas

Settings Screen

Proof of mic

havn’t really heard people talk since release


I apologize you are having this issue.

Please go ahead and follow the instructions on this link.

Please do keep in mind the troubleshooting over at Microsoft Support. Is also very important, please keep me updated on any changes.

I’ll be waiting for your answer don’t hesitate to tag me. @Eula

Enjoy your adventure :snowflake:

@Eula our joking right? of course the volume is up, and as the pictures show the problem is the game client doesn’t detect a microphone or speaker.

hes the settings anyway. Audio Settings


I’m sorry for the inconvenience this may has caused you, however we must follow the troubleshooting in order to be able to determine the issue and help you out.


@Eulah can you contact me, please


If you need help please make a post on the forum, or tell me what is your question.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I already put the publicity with, I have been bugged for 5 days without being able to play

What’s the next step then ? @Eulah


If you already did the troubleshooting over at Microsoft Suppor and the issue persist.

Please send me a message with the Game Logs to further investigate the issue.

Instructions for finding game logs:

Press Windows+R on the keyboard, type %appdata% and press enter.
Use the most recent file in this folder:/AppData/local/AGS/LogBackups.
Also, ask players to provide:
Specific time (with time zone) when the error was received
World /Server
With this information, we will be able to continue investigating the issue.

I am attentive to the information to continue to help you.

Thank you, Traveler.


How am i meant to send these? they are too many characters for the forums, and you arent open to messages right now Proof


I sent you a message please reply so i can continue to help you :smiley:

Thank for the patience while we work on this.

I don’t see your message , but its let me send you one now . Thank you. Fingers crossed we can get somewhere

Works now

Randomly works now, guess you guys did something? thank you

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