Spear - Coup De Grace is bugged

  • Character Name: KotoTheMage
  • Issue that occurred: Spear ability Coup de Grace is bugged
  • Time and Date: everytime
  • World/Server: Muspelheim
  • Location where issue occurred: everywhere
  • Any steps that can be taken to reproduce the issue: use Coup De Grace and passive ability Aggressive Maneuvers.

Sweep - Coup De Grace INCREASES cooldown by 2 seconds when working with Aggressive Maneuvers passive ability instead of decreasing it. Video demonstration: New Word - Coup De Grace bug - YouTube
As shown in the video, after hop and Sweep, Aggressive Maneuvers correctly reduced cooldown to 7 seconds, however, Coup De Grace reverted it back to 10 seconds ticking down to 9 seconds during the animation.

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I think it has to do with Coup De Grace being heavy attack now. Take a loot at it, it’s 100% easy to reproduce bug and probably easy to fix.

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Same thing with Refreshing Reach, increases rather than decreases cooldowns.

Seriously, how does this get passed in testing? The buffs are much appreciated, but shouldn’t you have someone at least test these changes before going live?

EDIT: Here’s a clip showing this bug in action.


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It just happens with coup the grace. I tried with refreshing reach and without aggressive manouvers; it still increase the CD of sweep.

At this point there is no real point to use coupe the grace. It increase your CD, it misses if the is a bit far away from you. When you knock down an enemy with sweep it still better to follow up with 2 auto attack: more damage, less miss chance due to bad tracking and you have also Cd reduction with refreshing jabs.

@kaziel I can’t really understand how it is possible. They created a PTR for that and for feedback from the comunity. BUT still they keep implementing patches full of bug and exploit.

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