Spear Hotbox not detecting hits

I don’t know if this is a bug or just something that was not tested.
The spear which has been my new favorite weapon has an awful hit box for it’s general attacks and abilities.
Sometimes when standing directly in front of enemies it will miss. The abilities it can use are extremely difficult to connect with because of the hit box size. Lastly the character animations for some of these attacks I feel is too slow.

Overall when comparing a weapon like the axe or hatchet that attack in a arc hitting enemies with those are easy. The spear has such a small hit box that in pvp it makes it semi-useless when someone can just roll dodge or simply move slightly to miss the attack.

Please review the hitbox for the spear to see if there can be any adjustments made.


Thank god it isn’t just me. The spear is my go to farming weapon but when it passes right through a wolf, it gets pretty annoying.

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There seems to be a hitbox issue with several of the weapons, musket and bow are two others that I’ve encountered having terrible hitbox issues, where either arrows or bullets just aren’t registering at all and go thru the mob

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I’ve lost count of how many cartridges I’ve wasted due to headshots not registering

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Second this.

Swing with hatchet or GA. char lunges forward and hits the target. From a silly range.

Swing with rapier or spear. No such luck. Miss miss.

Fix weapon tracking please. Make them all the same range. Or allow the same lunge effect to occur for all.

The difference between hatchet and rapier is shocking in this regard.


Wow glad so many players are noticing this also. I found it happening with a lot of the single target weapons, which all all of the Dex weapons. I don’t even think they should rebalance the weapons until they fix the hit boxes and animation speeds. For example after tripping someone with the spear, doing the jump up stab down attack does LESS damage then not getting the perk and light attacking twice.
DEVS: please review hitboxes and animation speeds on all weapons and attacks.

Spear hit box is a cylinder pointed at the x… it really needs to be a similarly wide but player eight column projected out from your player.

Yep, this is another thing I noticed… it’s bad design. Like many of the perks in older weapons. Another example of this is the fleche ending attack.

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