Spear needs to be nerfed

So the spear feels like it’s just wayyyy to strong. If I have 5 stacks of resil and running medium armor should it be hitting me for 4-5 k? Also damn near instant cool downs with perms cc locks. Pair that with sword and shield and you just have a rat players. Tbh both need a nerf. I feel the SS is whatever but the spear should not be chunking life away and perma locking people down with the fastest cool downs is kind of ridiculous. The reach is insane but I get it because it’s on a 6 foot pole. But also adding the ability of staggering on light attacks with previous perma cc lock and high range and damage with little cool down is just broken at this point

So, you are getting light tapped for 4-5K in medium and being staggered by those light attacks? Pffft i’m getting a spear when i get home.

Because it has a 30% rend probably.

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