Spear, SnS, Tower shield - can it work?

Simple question here, going for Roman soldier aesthetic, can this combo ever work for solo adventures, lifestealing build… or perhaps for tanking in expeditions?

Sword Im sure wouldnt have much problem, but spear doesnt have as much grit on abilities yet depends on them for most of its damage output while, lets say, hammer has grit on 3 abilities + it’s left click attack oriented which benefits from 300str perk…


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I tanked in m10 with sword and shield, spear before. You just need to know what you doing and you can ace any of the dungeon with it.

In OPR you can do the same but dun expect killing too many people as you sacrificed round shield damage for more blocking with tower. The better players will still break your block with heavy attacks but range can nearly scratch you.

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