Spear weapon mastery at 20...only 3.7% percent of players have achieved this?

So I got my spear skill to 20 yesterday. When I went on Steam today to check on New World news, I noticed that only 3.7% of players have gotten spear to 20. That totally shocked me.

I’m far from a hardcore player. I don’t do PvP, I’m purely a PvE player. But I’ve got 300 hours in the game and I’ve gotten pretty good at using several different weapon sets on several different characters. And I’ve taken the time to get good at using different weapons while doing all of the PvE quest content in the game solo.

I guess what I can gather from this is that I’ve stuck with the game far longer than many other players have.

I just found that to be very interesting.

But even so I was still shocked that so few players got spear to level 20.

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To dance the spears takes patience and discipline


pretty much every one of those X players have achieved this titles are bugged

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So you’re saying that the achievement percentages on Steam are bugged?

considering 90% of the players quit the game im not surprised the weapon rates are this low


I have five weapons maxed including spear. I’ve never been one to buy into the percentile on achievements for any game

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This is a good point, the achievements for this game are based on an extremely large group of players with only roughly 10% remaining. Even if all the current players maxed out spear the stat percentage would barely go up.


You can’t guage the percentage playing by concurrent counts. The majority of people don’t play 8 to 12 hours a day

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Well… Thats good that about 50% came back today!

Only 1% cant login!

I’ll call that a win!

Btw… I’ll take 3 chalupas, 2 gorditas, an order of cinnamon twists, and a medium coke. Ty!

True, but I don’t play 8 to 12 hours a day. Not even close. I would estimate that since game launched, two and a half months ago I’ve played maybe 3 to 4 hours a day, and not even every day. I would say five days a week, more or less. And I’ve leveled four different characters during the 300 hours I’ve played. Maybe spear goes up faster than other weapons? But that wouldn’t make sense either, so I don’t know.

I understand, but it doesn’t seem like a very complicated thing for Steam to keep track of. I mean, you have so many players that have gotten spear to 20 vs. the total number of people who have played the game. So, unless Steam is totally botching the math it would seem that these types of stats would be pretty basic and correct.

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Rapier leveled fastest for me . It really depends on what level you are and what content your doing when switch to a new weapon. My musket is 18 and I had it on launch day .
The melee weapons tend to level faster because there is less downtime.

Some people just go kills fast respawning pigs. I find that boring myself

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What do you mean the op said it was 3.7 %

? Confused by your response. I am the OP, lol.

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And only 22.7 % players reach level 50. (80% of players left game because of pve-leveling-system)


Def seems low. I am leveling my Spear right now, trying to figure out some sort of Spear Tank spec.

The game is counting all characters not account’s . This includes boughts and people just logging in to check out a server or people who transferred cold turkey

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Yeah, that’s kind of what I’m getting at with my thread. That not many players have stuck with the game beyond a certain point. I’ve got several characters in the 30s and one character at level 42. So in that regard leveling is also something that a small percentage of players are achieving beyond like level 30 or 35.

I mean I guess one of the points I’m trying to make is that it takes using a weapon a lot to get any of them to 20. Some might level faster than others because of the nature of how they are used, but I didn’t hit 20 with spear until I got to about level 42 with my character. And while I was leveling and doing everything solo, I was able to get sword and shield to 15 during that same levelinging to 42 run.