Special Aeternum Sturgeon Fishing Trophy

Any use for these trophies above 200 fishing? Also can’t place if you already have a fishing trophy up so it seems that it’s either one or the other?

Yeah what’s up with that? Had I known I wouldn’t have used my first 10 tokens on it.

Please fix this to allow us to use both!

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The trophy still gives exp bonus after 200, with the addition of Patterns: Fishing Gear, too the experence boxes. I would say this is enough, IMO, incentive too use it. However, it would be nice to have both. Maybe overpowered but nice.

You’ll have to choose on using either bonus luck or +10% exp? If you’re fishing luck, is the most preferrable choice but what’s the point in having the sturgeon trophy then? to rot in your house’s inventory?

The bonus exp is negligent and not worth against the luck provided by the major fishing trophy, if they’re gonna argue that it’s too unbalanced then just give it to us as a regular trophy without any buffs. What’s the point in this event item if you can’t have use for it? It’s already eating up 1 trophy slot and you can only have 1 so, why limit it again?

It definately needs to be updated to where you can use both. Has anyone tested if you have multiple sturgeon trophies in different houses if the exp bonus stacks?

Folks on the PTR tested this and they do stack

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Well you can’t stack something when it doesn’t let you place more than 1 fishing trophy in your home.

it stacks as in one in each of your houses, just like any trophy

not if you already have a fishing trophy in each on of your homes.

I’m wondering if the hourglass means it’ll disappear (from your house) after the event.

((The only other items that have that hourglass are the music sheets in the Festival Shop.))

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ya they stack, i tested it on the ptr

I totally agree with the players. I purchased this and already had basic trophies so it is useless. I cannot sell it either…

Feeling Cheated !

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