Special Arrow Types or Bow's?

Is there any other different Arrow types in NW??


I do have poison currently but thats a learned ability

Is there any other types I can craft or is poison it??

Also, what about the bow? Maybe a certain bow that can shoot different arrows??..

If not, what would be some other cool Arrow types or bow types that would be cool in NW??

you can gem into bows to change (some of) the damage to another type.

true of any weapon.

Poison is already a thing, look at your skill trees

already have different aoe’s…

do you not use the bow? Seems like this is a self answering post.

I do use bow, and I do understand gems but it just threw me for a loop that poison shot was the only learned weapon ability that actually shoots poison.

But I still have to craft regular arrows

So maybe I did answer my own question lol

So I guess applying different gems will make my bow shoot different types of arrows

Guess I’m just not that far along and was wondering what other gem types/arrows with effects can I get

YEah for example if you put a ruby in your bow you will shoot fire arrows. they get the visual and everything. same thing for arcane, void, ice, nature they can all be used in the bow and in any weapon.

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I do see what you’re asking for though. Different arrow types that do different damage types. It would be easier to just switch between the types of arrows rather than keep gems on hand or different bows with different gems.

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Ok cool

I did get a corruption fragment for jewel cutting I think earlier when I did armine expedition (might be wrong tho)

Can that go in my bow??

Maybe a corrupted arrow or no?

Maybe a better question would be if anybody knows, how many different types of gems is there?

Yes, that would be nice

This is a database for all things new world, probably answer lots of your questions… And create way too many new questions haha


Thank you

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