Special Crafting projects need a review

The current state removes all relevance, interest, and fun from them.
For example: Dryad Walking Stick

(1) It is already debatable whether Fae Iron can be reasonably gotten, and even then can it be reasonably gotten while you are (briefly) at gear score 275
(2) Who is seriously going to use this weapon against Angry Earth enemies who start at around level 30-ish? Even a random drop from that level zone would probably be better, and certainly better than devoting inventory weight to carry a specialized weapon.
(3) You cannot even adjust the basic materials to scale up the gear score and try to make it relevant.
(4) it has only one fixed trait whereas better weapons that don’t need special green materials can get more traits and if you insisted on having a damage bonus against Angry Earth you could use a Charm for that and lock one of your Perks but still have more.

There’s no real usefulness to making this item. You can’t even collect the (boring) skin to apply elsewhere. As a weapon designed against Angry Earth enemies it is underpowered and therefore obsolete before you even craft it.

A review of all the special projects is in order to make them actually interesting and exciting to make.

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Yeah, nice idea but poor implementation.

None of the special weapons have looked worth making so far

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