Spectral Tempestuous set (reacqusition)

TLDR: Please provide us with a way to obtain the Spectral Tempestuous (ST) set after the initial acquisition method.

So as you well know, we can acquire the ST set after finishing the Tempest story quest and doing the repeatable expedition quest from the Tempest quest lady till we get the chest containing all the set’s items. We also know that we must be at 600 GS or more to have the chest items drop at level 590 or more, which is preferable because any less than that means risking having the items drop at less than 590 which means they won’t be upgrade-able. Some say it’s better to open it when you have 600 GS in all slots (armor + weapons)

This is all fine and dandy, except that most new players don’t know anything about that especially players who are completely new to MMOs. New players would have to read that info on reddit, youtube, forums or other random tips websites to understand this system.

This was my case! New MMO player with no prior experience on how MMO’s work. Not only did I open the chest before I was 600 GS, but I salvaged it because it was simply lower than the level of my current gear. I didn’t know about the upgrade mechanic with shards or the perk system or anything. And 500 hours later I learn that this was BIS gear that’s not craft-able!! I hope you see the problem. My main is a tank, so this made me even more devastated.

I have seen many other people in youtube and reddit comments complaining about how regretful they feel for salvaging this set in their noob days.

My humble request is to make it possible for us to get the ST set after the initial acquisition method.

Thank you very much

Don’t worry it’s not BIS gear. However, it is decent enough as you’re leveling GS and your complaint is valid. It is badly communicated in-game and we always tell fresh 60s from our company about it when they run Tempest for the first time. The items should simply be named instead of “of the Ranger” etc, and people could figure it out from there.

There is a small chance of getting individual pieces instead of a gypsum orb every time you complete the quest, after you’ve received all the bundled chests. So you do have a small chance of getting the pieces you have salvaged. It will take forever, but probably not as long as it will take the devs to fix this for you!

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