Speculation on Host Worlds for NA West

Ignoring worlds with 600+ active players, each world set has one world that was not included in the list of worlds on the merge list.
Neno Kuni for Eta
Lintukoto for Mu
Rifandenyra for Nu
Liliput for Rho
Midlan for Tau
Nidavellir for Theta
Ferri for Xi
Kshira Sagara for Zeta
It seems reasonable that the worlds that had the maintenance done were prepping to get merged into these worlds within their world set. This is purely speculation but there is at least a consistent pattern to it.

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Where is the list? I’ve clicked on both official threads and they just link back and forth to each other.

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Update: Figured it out. I didn’t see the Carrot on the left and literally clicked on the WEST thinking it was a hyperlink to a list.

I click that link…

“Here is the list of worlds being taken down for this downtime: Planned List of Worlds Scheduled for Merge - Downtime”

I click on WEST and it tells me LA time and Paris time.

Only other link takes me to the other thread where it says your link is the list again…

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