Speed up the war hammer animation

The war hammer animations should be sped up slightly, I don’t mean instant but at the moment the warhammer is almost useless. If you use shockwave or Path against a group of 10 people stacked up then if you are lucky you might stun one person due to how obvious and slow the animation is.

If the animation was sped up then it would require people to time the dodge rather than spam dodge, considering so many classes have instant or almost instant CC why does hammer has the slowest abilities in the game. I will admit the hammer is my favourite weapon in the game to play and it suits my play style, it feels satisfying and it’s fun but the fact that 90% of the time your abilities are wasted and do nothing is annoying.

The fact that it is a weapon where all you are really doing is heavy attacks but you can only really land one after a lucky shockwave where as any other weapon can instant CC and or do quick and easy attacks that are harder to dodge in comparison and every single hammer abilitiy can be staggered mid animation is frustrating.

I personally think that speeding up the animations by as little of 25% would probably be enough to make it on par with other weapon in the game. No need to increase the damage or nerf it anymore, just make the animations a little quicker.


Better yet they have the opportunity to add in combo chain attacks light light heavy or light light light.

Lets look at the Sword and Shield why is this literally the only weapon that feels like it has a proper combo for light attacks? Light Light Twirl

Spear - POKE POKE wait 5 years POKE POKE ( a spear is a light weight agile and quick thrusting weapon

Hatchet - Chop chop chop and CHOP - that is it no combo really to it.

Great Axe - Swipe left Swipe Right like you do on tinder

War Hammer - Looks like you struggling just to swing it left and right.

Rapier - Literally just slash left and right

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