Split stats being superior to single stats will ruin the game. Why even introduce this?

So for the last 9 months, we have been crafting single stat BIS 500k-2M (!!!) gold items.

You are now introducing a buff to just split stat non con gear, potentially allowed for 50 extra points (40 from armor and 10 from weapons).

Lets take little Timmy’s bis light melee build he spent 5million gold on. Now he has to spend another 8 months searching for the perfect STR/INT BIS 3 perk gear so he can run the new flavor light melee build (thanks to your intelligence changes for +10 crit damage). All light melee’s who slay healers in war will need to go 350 str/50int/150 con. It will be the most absurd damage dealing build there is.

With one caveat- the gear will not exist for a long time and it will sell for gold cap+ on every piece.

There will be many builds that will switch to this split stat junk because you are forcing it down our throats.

Why not buff ALL attributes on armor and make them +30 or +15/+15??

Again, you are creating problems by coming up with solutions to problems that simply DO NOT EXIST.

I made a previous post that has received over 5K views and 500+ replies to which NON of you devs or CMs replied.

Lets see if this gets any exposure and let me reiterate this again= YOUR TEAM ALMOST NEVER MAKES THE RIGHT DECISIONS, TAKE OUR FEEDBACK SINCERELY.

There is no reason to push for this split stat nonsense other than to ostracize the players who cannot afford the gear (which is the vast majority).

You have 17K players left from your original 1M. Help us, help you keep your jobs. I forecast a couple thousand would quit after your open world PVP GC nerf and I was right. You peaked at 20K players at the beginning of June and are now finishing June with 17K. You are making it harder and harder for your loyal fans to play this game with each patch.

I love how you are increases overall damage and making some perks actually useful (Empowering armor breaker still needs to be changed to on hit instead of on block break) however, with every step forward you take 15 back with absoutely uneccessary changes like this split stat “buff.”

Either remove this nonsense or make it so all stats get the new +5.



Be sure you are posting this in the PTR megathread so your feedback is logged properly

time for a change of meta HAHA

I’ll still stick with my 300 str 200 con build. Not giving up grit and extra damage resistance for a meh bonus in a secondary stat.

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That damage resistance is going to be non existant because of all the extra damage people will have access to. Its going to be “who can blow up who faster”

It’s actually getting 10% elemental added to 200 con. The additional damage output by an extra 50 points in a secondary stat is going to be negligible. I’ll keep my 10% physical and now element resist.

It definitely makes more sense to post this is the PTR mega thread so it’s seen by devs. That or contribute to the ahead existing threads instead of posting a completely new thread with the exact same discussion. In fact a nearly identical title.

Not trying to invalidate your thoughts, feedback, and comments. I’m sure they are great and this change is big and needs some good discussion but we definitely don’t need to be spamming the forums either.

This is just a screenshot of the first page.

Let alone probably 10 more out there further down. They all have the same discussion. Even if you don’t want to post on one that doesn’t have your exact viewpoint (which is silly, counter discussion is important) there are multiple posts with your exact same viewpoint.

To get 50 extra stats you would need to run full str/int split gear. Good luck building 350str/50 int :wink:

I think you should play PTR and try what is and what isn’t possible and THEN start topics like these.

Yeah I think that is one issue with the debate here, people have not tested this or do not understand the actual system itself. It didn’t invalidate some of the underlying points of course but does take away from your post.

That combination is not possible with the new update.

Split stats force you into at least +100 points of the non-dominant attribute. Which forces people away from single attribute builds, which is the intention at least. So you can’t have 350/150/50 or 300/200/50 that people keep posting.

It’s either 300/150/100 or 300/150/50/50 or some other combination that fits with the current system.

Again that doesn’t necessarily mean people are not right here, but it does speak to how little this has actually been tested or understood.

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