Splitstats = more stats. a problem?

If i understand it right str/int etc. can get more stats on them than only int items for example. This excludes con if i got it right.

Doesn’t that put builds with only one attributes at a disadvantage?

Fire/ice or GA/WH only scale of int or str, so they will just have less stats to use than a spear/hatchet user who can get dex/str items?


Yes if they work the same, i thought con doesn’t work. Might have missinterpreted that though


You need to keep into account that these builds will probably not be getting to the 300 attribute bonuses. So the trade off will be a potential extra 20 attributes at 625 with full split gear,

Im going to hypothesise that with tier 5 attribute foods: the max a stat could get to is 295 with 10 split gear items. You could get to 300 but you would lose out on 150 con perk. If you consider a split gear item will give +22 to a major stat at 625 and not 21 (the other +1 going to the minor stat) so no grit on auto attacks, crits after dodges, etc.

So while singular stat weapons would not be as versatile, the inclusion of new weapons, potential new gems that scale off other attributes beside INT and FOCUS and weapon reworks could only benefit them in the future. It’s good future proofing for versatile builds and opens up design rather than restricts it.


I don’t get why they’re doing this? This is just invalidating gear for no good reason. You can already fill in any gaps you have by allocating stats, this change just makes single stat gear worse than split stat gear for no reason.


Another change nobody was asking for that will backfire.
Players were hard farming their bis gear and trying to get it done but now they change such fundamental things again.
Its to late to implement such changes after people have put months in their gear to make their builds perfect for them.


I don’t k which is worst this or the weapon perks being better on the actual weapon rather than having them on the armor, for people with crazy investment buying bis is a slap in their face lol I just can’t think who from devs though this is good and why makes no sense next patch will kill this game if it comes to live…


  • Incentivises versatile threshold bonus usage.
  • Opens up design space rather than restricts it.
  • Helps encourage fluctuation with attribute mod market prices.
  • Encourages Horizontal progression.
  • Encourages Gear farming.

Then why that fuck wait 7 months to do this if this is what they had planned then why make everyone time go to the trash just because from their asses they decided to make bis gear with weapon perks and stats be worth less form the nowhere who that fuck ask for this change ?? Literally all people time who invested in rolling gear now goes to the garbage omg

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I think you’re over reacting here :laughing:.

These players who spent 7 months farming getting BiS gear will keep doing what they’ve been doing for 7 months… Farming new BiS gear. (A potential) extra 20 attribute points won’t change this mindset or play style.

Jesus god you clearly don’t play pvp or have any idea about stats that’s why you clearly saying 20 stats won’t affect much like how ?? It will affect a lot since now you have to change all gear, millions worth of gear to the garbage, some people barely have the build they want nearly bis but yeah ags head thinks is good to make people grind again their sets just because they don’t have more content how stupid that is and not to talk about other changes like 20 mutated expedition per week, and what a coincidence they put the fusion material thin a few weeks ago to be able to craft consti,int,str charms people spent all their azoth to fusion all those things to now guess what you have to change all your good gear


If you want to make a point that’s discussable, try using punctuation.

20 attribute points mean nothing if you can’t get to certain threshold bonuses. As discussed above, you can still get to 300 for a primary weapon with these (potential) changes, but miss out on the 150 con threshold bonus.

The most this change offers you is (potentially) 545 points.
That’s not going to get you 3 trees of 150 threshold bonuses. 1 misses out.

And what about builds which focus on full damage and have two scales like spear which has str/dex, or sns/spear which they don’t go with conti, now they will be able to put all their attributes, and a guy using one weapon scale tree will have to use always conti and their main, but the main issue here is not really what it gives but the grind you will have to do and the time wasted on my set I spent more than a million trying to get my str set but now I have to grind more because im going to be on a 20 points disadvantage which in pvp wars etc I’m sure will be bis after some time, there was no point on doing this nobody asked

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You do understand that Weapons with 1 sole Primary Attribute scale with 100% of their attribute bonuses, as opposed to one with 2? Primary is 90%

Whilst the conversion diminishes the higher it gets, i need to re- iterate: it’s the attribute bonuses that will matter the most.

If you want to run into PvP with with 300 str, 140 dex and 105 con: be my guest. You’ll be missing out on extra dodges though. That’s bigger than what… 129 extra damage with a Spear? Im not sure on the math… I actually think it’d be lower tbh.

What about 150 dex 95 con… you miss out on 10% extra health based on your armour factor :laughing:

And to counter your point about ‘time wasted’… it’s an MMO. With horizontal progression. How else do you think they were going to shake up metas and play styles. GS 650? Lame and boring.

There’s going to be 150 perks modified or altered anyway. New builds and re evaluations of what BiS actually are are going to be changed. Accept that some of your gear will be made redundant over time… Like every MMO that has ever existed.

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No, they have higher scaling in thier stats anyway vs dual stat items. So it will most likely finally even out, that they will do similar damage when spec’d hybrid.

The otherside to this is that we don’t know how many extra stats they will get. If it is 1 point per piece, we are looking at at overall of 10 stats if you manage to go full hybrid on all gear (not likely). Which would make no real difference over all.

For this to make a significant difference, we would need an extra 35 points on a full stack, in order to get an additional attribute passive. Highly unlikely, as it would mean 4 extra points per piece.

I fully expect it to be 1 point per piece, like what happened with 625 items.


sounds legit to me dex/str is how to get the spear really doing dmg

They’ve stated it’s more than one. I’m only assuming it’s 1 for each stat. If it’s more than that we start running into problems.

Biggest problem been = if they increase GS to 650 in the future and if it’s more than 2 stats: you could reach 300 primary, and two 150 secondary in attribute trees. Which is far too strong. At 2 per piece, and assuming the maximum with tier 5 food is 585. 15 points short.

I missed that in the video then, but I hope they were not including the 625 bonus here when they said it.

Even at +20 from Hybrid on a full set, and 650 being +10 we are still safe. Only becomes an extra passive at 675, but at that point it is fine in my opinion. There was always going to be a point where Hybrid would gain an extra passive in stat (it is also more likely the entire stat system is overhalled before 675, with the ways things are going. Every patch feels like it is a new game.).

I also think people are thinking this is much better than it is, as it only really benefits hybrid weapons (which has lower scaling anyway). You could try and dip into 50 Dex with other pure builds, but it is not practical as if use secondary dex pieces, 4 would take you to 49 Dex so you are limited to 4 Hybrid pieces max, without over investing in Dex.

The other thing people are forgetting is that Named Weapons/Armour have fixed stats, and some of those break exclusive perk rules so those perks could never be crafted. Therefore many people will still use those pieces, and we won’t see full stack hybrid builds in that case. Like are you going to give up Infamy or Will of the Ancients for an extra 2 points?

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You’re exactly right on all these counts.

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I really wish, that before people actually complained that they just planned out thier Best Case build scenario. Just some typically usage cases, with the base assumptions from what the devs gave i.e. 2 points per item (assuming 1 to each stat), and not applied to CON.

But plan out your build fully with perks and all, also how you would go about acquiring the items i.e. crafting/pvp track/dungeon/etc.

You will quickly see this is not as OP as you thought. Tbh the ones who really benefit is Musket/Rapier and SnS/Hatchet, and it is only about 16-18 points considering some required Named drops. That’s like 1-2% damage increase overall, and will require significant effort to obtain.

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Everyone should be able to access the same total pool of attributes regardless of their gear choice. This is a terrible idea.