Spoiler alert: they’re doubling trade tax

That makes sense. The post made it sound like this is an effort to reduce coin in the economy though. I don’t understand how it does that for legacy servers in a meaningful way. Am I missing something? :thinking:

It should be a small reduction to total server income with the lost sack changes. But I think the game could use some sinks that scale with total server economy size. The sink from not having towns upgraded goes the opposite direction, with minimal effect on a well developed server that can win most invasions, and has huge impact on a lower pop, developing server.

No, this is incorrect. Keep your conspiracy theories to reddit.


Tax change proves that the bad guys in this game are not the corrupted. Nope, the bad guys are companies, and unfortunately we haven’t been given a way to fight them.

I’d like to join the corrupted and fight companies…



“let’s fix the economy by making the rich richer”

Truly an american solution to an american problem


And what happens with all the town board / attribute points that we decided to NOT SPEND in tax reduction because it wasn’t double as it will be now?

Will you guys refund/reset the points so we can better spend them since you are changing things?


AGS devs are extremely visionless as usual, they were supposed to balance company incomes while they are making it even worse that rich companies will become even richer while poor guys who barely captured a town will be screwed!! Lets not forget millions more will be taken from everybody and given to those companies, such a nonsense in every way. Here let me introduce you visionless AGS devs a good gold sink, an option to reduce shard cost with gold!! You can sit back and watch millions disappear freely…

T5 Hide drops nerf? That’s gunna be rough man…

Truth is, forts in fresh servers are working on a loss most of the time, so I understand some changes are needed.


Doubling the trading post tax strikes me as the devs having failed econ 101.
When taxes go up, economic activity slows, which means less money is being spent and leaving inventories overall. You can’t tax your way out of a currency surplus, and the 500 coin chest bonuses aren’t the problem either when you consider that the game’s high level content requires 6 different sets of 3 perk bis ward armor to even be let in the door, which already is hundreds of thousands of gold, and that’s just for a single role, in a single weight class.

The cost of a set of ward gear for each enemy type, for each attribute/role, in each weight class, plus pvp gear, is going to be an astronomical amount gold after these changes, since the endgame grind nowdays is farming gold, then working the trade post for said gear, so that content can be even attempted in the first place.

This is to speak nothing of the trade skills, with particularly bad offenders like weaponsmithing costing million to level, for trophy mats, skill clothes, and cooldown resources to potentially get unsellable mediocrity back.

Crafting in theory is the real gold sink, however, if you make crafting prohibitively expensive to level or risk huge losses at max rank nobody is going to waste their time and money doing it.

These things should be fairly obvious to anyone familiar with MMO design, which makes me question posts like this.


well they need to re-work that system not take away from the player that almost get next to nothing 250 coin lol what a joke how about they fix the territory upgrade system that’s the problem


4th or 5th significant change to the territory rewards system that people might want to respec their rewards points on since launch.

I made a post about this in the game feedback section today. I really hope they rethink their “balancing”. Taking from the average player is always a net negative unless someone can convince me how these changes help the 1-3 hours a day people

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This is ridiculous. This flip flopping isnt fair. They should at least let us reroll our territory standings at least once a year since they keep changing stuff

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This is tax on the working class merchants. These taxes go the territory owners. This is just rich people taxing the poor. This is a bad change. AGS how much does Bezos pay in taxes?

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Virtually nothing and also claims to only get a 200k ish salary. He puts everything in various company’s name include a yacht that is “for business” cuz that’s how they roll. You aren’t even allowed to write off your milage on your car driving to work.

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Reduce the gold supply by giving more to territory owners lol. 40k squirmy vines here we come

That’s not how any of this works.

Once again, they act hastily instead of anticipating.
Once all the people will be finished with the new quest, the gold income will drop drastically.

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