Srsly buff light armor a bit/weapon balance

Light armor for anything other than a LS/Rapier or mage feels pretty bad. Even muskets use medium.

Ice Gauntlets ice shower is still incredibly busted not allowing dodge rolls for a whopping 7 seconds - thats crazy.

Void gauntlet is still ridiculous damage with void blade considering its a support weapon. Damage wouldnt be so bad if the petrifying scream wasnt to strong with a 3 second root that allows you to eat follow up screams with no counter play. Should just be a 99% slow to allow dodging at least.

Melee is… well melee… still in an awful spot - Hatchet only has one tree worth using and the ability tracking sucks (however still better than GA). Great axe needs a small damage nerf across the abilities (Mainly grav well and insatiable grav well perk), Maelstrom could use a damage nerf with the utility it offers of absorbing ranged attacks (including friendly), Reap in comparison to maelstrom is just ridiculous. To balance this all return the old lunge or meet halfway and increase by 0.5 to a total of 4. Even the mauler tree in Gaxe is awful for pve and pvp.

Alot of things need reworking or buffing. Im not calling specifically for nerf this and that. Simply balance things out so everything and anything makes sense. Also freedom still doesnt work… This is ridiculous. We need another month of bug fixes and balance changes before content it feels like. Also the movement bug is still in the game, 1 minute into war perma rooted to the ground.


At 625 with 200 constitution, light armor mitigates 28% damage, medium mitigates 42% damage, and heavy mitigates 50% damage. Medium armor increases your effective health poll (health points + mitigation) by 23% over light armor. Heavy armor increases your effective health poll by 50% over light armor. However, light armor only does 5-7% more damage than medium and 11-14% more damage than heavy. The tool tip says light armor does 10% more damage than medium and 20% more damage than heavy, but that buff is applied to the damage before mitigation, so it doesn’t turn out to be a true 20% damage buff.

There is clearly a disconnect between damage and protection for the various armor classes. Medium armor should be doing 5% less damage and heavy should be doing an additional 5-10% less damage. Alternatively, you could buff light armor damage by 5-10%, but that would lead to light armor players killing each other really quickly.

The above discussion leaves out critical damage reduction, resistance gems, and fortify stacking. Suffice to say there is an excessive amount of mitigation in New World, and at some point AGS should do a balance patch. I personally think the game would be better if they capped critical damage reduction and set a maximum damage mitigation for each armor class, so you cannot mitigate +70% damage under certain circumstances.

With that said, I think medium and heavy armor are fine for melee players right now. I do not think ranged players (bows, muskets, mages, healers) should be wearing medium or heavy armor, and I would put an additional damage/healing penalty for ranged players wearing medium or heavy armor.


This is why I dont want them overly nerfing medium or heavy I feel its in a good place. But the huge disparity between light and medium is insane and its noticeable. All the fortifies that go out also benefit medium and heavy much more than it benefits light. Medium can nearly do the same amount of damage as light and its just simply not balanced. You bring a good point

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I am a musket player as light armor and I didn’t see any damage output difference against medium or heavy armors that I cannot kill them at all; because thy are getting less damage and using health potions and then thy come close to me and I die…

Medium armor with bow against me light armor, and the winner is BOW…

Light armor as musket is non-sense… AGS needs to fix musket really… Now I turned to medium armor as musket and now my damage decreased a lot but I don’t die with 2 hits now, but 3 hits now LOL; because I am full DPS build with 6000 HP… When I give points to CON then my damage ratio drops a lot…

AGS go and fix musket build really, there is no middle build for musket… Maximum range of seeing opponent is 100 meters, after 100 meters you don’t see enemy players and your bullets are disappearing… Musket supposed to use its distance to shoot enemies but melee and even mage classes get close to musket users so fast…

Make balance really, or bring a new type of armor for musket to wear only… Noone wants musket as DPS class for pvp or pve… musket has the worst damage output in this game and your every shot needs to be HEADSHOT… BOW users are better than musket for using arrows while musket bullets are a joke…

We always take 5 muskets to war, theyre really valuable and they top 10 the charts on damage. Idk this game has a lot of balancing they need to focus on to make the combat great

I’m assuming this is defensive wars you’re talking about, and yeah muskets are disproportionately valuable in that context because defensive wars are basically the dream scenario where you can go from shooting at any relevant point on the battlefield to shooting at any other relevant point within like 10 seconds with a haste pot, and you always have LoS a step away, and you can’t even be touched by anything other than other ranged dex mostly. I personally think more LoS options need to be added to the attacking side, but defensive wars are also huge outliers and represent the smallest part of the playerbase. OPR is the most relevant PvP to the vast majority of the player base, and there muskets cannot achieve even a fraction of what is possible shooting from a fort wall in a war, and the same goes for open world PvP. Offensive wars are slightly better than OPR but still closer to OPR tier than defensive war tier, and offensive wars, though less exclusive than defensive wars, are still far more exclusive than OPR or open world.

Not saying musket is trash tier necessarily, but even where they shine the most it’s not like you’re seeing companies replace their roam squad with more siege while only using non-siege for 3 minimalist anchor groups. They likely become the best bet as your final 5 slots once you’ve already crossed your t’s and dotted your i’s for the first 45 slots, but that leaves them very, very, very slightly overrepresented in their best-use scenario where the circumstances probably come close to doubling the power of the weapon.

I saw somewhere spreadsheet math that dmg mitigation is capped at 50% so U don’t have fortified bonuses after U hit 50%

Still tho the ease of capping mitigation with medium and heavy is crazy, many weapons provide a ton of fortify on top of that. The 200 con perk heavily benefits medium and heavy without any fortifies as it is.

light armor is ment for ranged players its fine ranged does alot of damg and atleast we melee’s can kill ranged when they are in light/medium armor tf u want light armor with same defence as heavy ? no point making a melee char then

No, just want balance. A melee should be able to go light if they want to, but the compensation for survival should incentivize. The damage to mitigation ratio between medium and heavy is fine but from light to medium is a huge gap. That isnt balance

light armor melee is actually OP in 1vs1 against heavy so … ofc ure gonna die in big group fights even when im heavy me HP can drop to zero in 1-2 sec not even a chance to pot

There may be a cap, but it’s not 50%.

I just tested it because I’m bored:

-With light armor with 10% fortify from sacred ground and 10% fortify from orb of protection I took 530 damage and mitigated 624 so 54% of the damage was mitigated.

-With medium armor with 10% fortify from sacred ground and 10% fortify from orb of protection I took 449 damage and mitigated 705, so 61% of the damage was mitigated.

-With heavy armor with 10% fortify from sacred ground and 10% fortify from orb of protection I took 432 damage and mitigated 722 damage; so 63% of the damage was mitigated.

-With heavy armor with 10% fortify from sacred ground, 10% fortify from orb of protection, and 15% from protector’s touch I took 336 damage and mitigated 818 damage; so 70% of the damage was mitigated.

-With heavy armor with 10% fortify from sacred ground, 10% fortify from orb of protection, 15% from protector’s touch, and 35% oak flesh I took 287 damage and mitigated 867 damage; so 75% of the damage was mitigated.

Btw, don’t look at this and say heavy is nearly as good as medium. That had to do with my gems in each armor set. My heavy armor only had void damage resistance gems, but I was taking thrust damage. Also my constitution was below 200 in all armor examples.

Nevertheless, you can mitigate more than 50% of incoming damage even in light armor. It looks like you probably can mitigate well beyond 70% of incoming damage. Maybe what you saw said you cannot stack more than 50% fortify?

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Do it with the 200 con bonus :cry:

-With heavy armor with 10% fortify from sacred ground, 10% fortify from orb of protection, 15% from protector’s touch, 35% oak flesh, and 200 con I took 263 damage and mitigated 891 damage; so 77% of the damage was mitigated.

I don’t think there is a cap on damage mitigation. Maybe there is a cap on fortify/damage resistant buffs because my 35% fortify plus 35% oak flesh should be mitigating more damage.

Or maybe its just diminishing returns on fortify kind of how too much of one stat decreases its effectiveness?

i suggested it few days ago. it goes in a similar direction of urs.

plus i agree with you.

void and ice gauntlet definitely need a special look

thats the most braindead build ever. its a complete spamming of Aoes/Stuns that make the game really really cheese

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I saw your post actually i liked it. Im trying to bring more attention to armor and the damage to mitigation it possesses

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it Was that video, maybe I miss understand smth, regardless i play light healer and run sometimes even 250/250 in light (i heal very little less then heavy with 400/100 setup) and feel very tanky with more then 14k hp, i think cause of buff to dmg and healing in light U need to compare armors in different atributte setup. Cause if u run with more dmg set its obvious that U pay a cost in survivability :slight_smile: so comparing light have to be maybe with 200 con

or maybe find the sweet spot with dealing same dmg/healing and then mitigation % difference


Thanks for sharing.

It looks like “Absorption” is capped at 50%. Absorption includes gems, fortify, and oak-flesh.

Your total mitigation is Absorption (gems, fortify, oak flesh) PLUS your armor, so you can mitigate more than 50% damage. In my experiment with low gear score heavy armor, I was able to get to 77% damage mitigation. I’d imagine with higher gear score pieces someone in heavy armor would be able to mitigate in the low 80s, which is pretty dumb, hah.

In my opinion, the game would be better if people were more killable. It would be nice if AGS capped light armor mitigation around 45%, medium armor mitigation around 55%, and heavy armor mitigation around 65%.

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That would actually be really nice but it isnt so much about the ceiling as they put it, its more about the floor. At the low end light has exponentially less mitigation than medium with very little damage difference