S&S heavy attacks

Looking to see if anyone uses heavy attacks consistently, I’ve noticed the light attacks can get stuck in a queue/sequence which stops you from blocking effectively. I was thinking about making a “thrust and recover” build.

“empowering stab” it gives you 30% more damage for 5 seconds after using a heavy attack.

“Counter attack” gives you 3% more damage after blocking an attack, stacking up to 5 times (15%)

“Freeing justice” causes you to lose a debuff after a heavy attack.

The basic principle is to heavy attack and immediately block for maximum damage output and mitigation, however the heavy attack has a very telegraphed move and your locked in the animation for about 2 seconds. So what I’m wondering is if anyone uses this strategy and if it works better then the light attack 3 chain spam?

I would try it but it’s 250 azoth for me to repsec :frowning:

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Just wanted to toss an update, I respecd and tried this new build and I must say… Dam! It works awesome. The 30% from 1 heavy attack and 15% from blocking attacks is absolutely excellent, I tried dueling with a couple people who used hammers and axes and I absolutely obliterated them. Landing the attack was a little harder then I though because they just roll out of the way since heavy attack is so telegraphed, but when you do it chunks them quite well.

Highly recommended if you want max damage mitigation with high damage output, also works on multiple mobs, I took on 8 mobs at once {they all respawned) and smoked them easy.

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