Stagger, Stun, Stagger, Stun, Killed

Come on NW Devs, what were you thinking, no immune timer?
Every melee ability Stagger Stun Stagger Stun, Seriously?


After receiving too many CC abilities consecutively you are awarded grace moment where you break free and get to “light dodge roll” regardless of your armor type. Its already in the game.


No brother, All I see on my screen is my characters head down, receiving hit after hit ,till I am dead


This is absolutely not true. This is for staggers only, not the myriad of other CC abilities. Try rolling away when you get stunned by three hammers and two screams.

That’s right.

Stop spreading lies.


Add diminishing returns like every other pvp mmo how are they this dumb?

If you find yourself alone and surrounded by 5 people at melee range (3 hammers and 2 VG in scream range), I’d say you already fked up regardless of how many ccs those 5 weapons can chain.


I, personally, as (at the moment) an IG/VG player, can tell you if you find yourself alone, with one VG Player, and do not have a spear or ranged weapon, you are dead already. No need for 3 Hammers.

And he is right, if there is a combination of Hammer and Spear Players you could not dodge, roll or anything, you are dead after first Stagger or CC, cause you get CCd and Staggered till you are dead.

Without the ability to CC and Stagger till dead, you may have a chance to get away.


That is because you are not pressing roll probably. @DrScarn is absolutely correct on this. Two consequent stuns already give you a free roll. Use it.

Does this work for npc knocks as well? Its so cool there’s all these unmentioned mechanics in game.

its not a lie. I said nothing about scream. its not a CC its a snare.

It does. Yah shadow mechanics suck

Also, Hatchet and Spear, animation, lags you out when you being attacked, You try to cast an ability but you cant… All you do is sit there and eat the hits, UNLESS you can dodge or roll out of it

I think so. When I’m tanking an expedition, sometimes the pulls are big, I have noticed being able to “dodge roll” out of some heavy stagger chains when I have a group of mobs on me in Gen.

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