Stamina bug still ingame

My friend still receiving a stamina exausting bug. After some rolls, jumps he cant use his stamina again

Hello @UnknowmMantra !

Just in case there is a mechanic that if you use up ALL the stamina you wont be able to use any other stamina action until it fills all the way up (you can see the bar on the bottom go gray when this happens), let me know if its something different

yes, we know that, but you can not use stamina even if it FULL and regened, only die can help. Few of my friends met this bug today

Ok got it, thanks for that info, just in case have you also tried the unstuck? just to see if there is another option apart from dying, I already reported the issue

only death.
P.s. check aswell my topic about can not spawn in the world…my character is bugged and i just can not login to the game…like it stuck somewhere and can not be loaded

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