Stamina Recovery amulet perk is too overpowered

98 stamina on a 30 sec cd is too overpowered than any other similar amulet perk(Proc tag) feels useless, both Fortified Recovery and Purify have 90sec cd and they power is not even close compared with Stamina Recovery.


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No, Fortified Recovery and Purify are too weak and need to be tuned up.

Personally, I haven’t used Stamina Recovery in months.


idk, the only argument i’d bring is to nerf it below 80 stamina, so every armor class only gains 1 full extra dodge from it^^

fortified and purify just need to be buffed imo


Yeah specialy if you trying to drain other players stamina to cc him, its like impossible, they can always dodge with this perk

tanks suck, there big thing is there stamina back, so they don’t die, that’s there big bis crit hit, cause there never gonna see high numbers. To lower this perk would hurt our tanks.

Also last one of these ammy’s i sold had health divine and stam back went for gold cap plus a bunch of mats id feel bad if they nerfed it to hell for that dude alone, im sure there’s several others that would loose out to.

No its ok. Others do need some buffs.

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This is the case, the other perks need to be buffed to have the same CD as Stamina Recovery.

It is the same case in other Labels, e.g. Elemental on Weapons. Attunement is much stronger than Chain. So would you say Attunement needs to be nerfed, no. Chain needs to be buffed to have the same CD as Attunement.

Happens in other Labels too. Thwarting Strikes better than Vicious/Enchanted on GA/WH. Slash Protection on Amulet is better than all other Protections, etc.

There will always be a META, and one perk in any given label will be on top. Cannot nerf all the top perks, need to bring others into the same line or accept that that is just the current meta.


Also, considering how Stamina Recovery and Shirking Empower can be double dipped via the Champion’s Amulet really does make for quite an outlier. Stamina Recovery has been the only viable amulet proc perk for ages, and will remain that way until the other proc perks get tuned up (Fortified Recovery ought to be 15% fortify, Mana Recovery needs more oomph) and cooldowns reduced (Mana Recovery has lower cd than Fort Reco. and Purify :joy:)

Depends tbh. Attunement is the single target king but chain will net you more damage overall if there’s more than one enemy involved + faster heartgem rune charging.

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Chain only out damages if there is 3 enemies, and also Chain doesn’t apply to abilities while Attunement does. Every perk has a use, but you cannot put chain even close to the same level as attunement. It is like saying there is a situation where Purity is better than Stamina Recovery, which might be true, but does not ever put the perks on the same level.

It only works when you health is below 50% so its not overpowered. It does not activate a lot. Purify when it activates removes all debuffs that could be like 6 debuffs off you thats why its longer because it does more. Fortified recovery and purify reduce damage stamina recovery does not.

Dodging reduces 100% damage.

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But you still actually have to dodge before getting hit its not instant like purify and fortified recovery making your statement a truthful Irrelevancy.

You have to be playing the game for anything to work, making your statement a truthful Irrelevancy.

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Instant relief is different from behavior relief. You Ignoring reality.

You are ignoring reality.


This is most expensive amulet in game.

Ok its expensive so what? Its also not hard to craft with golden scarab. Might take you only 30 attempts.

Cool story