Start changing the skill tree and perks (or anything)

I hope the team is funded and lead well enough that you’ve been analyzing your game constantly. All of those inactive accounts…

We know that there is unreleased PvE content probably being worked on for a year or more. Why not start working on PvP? Or anything…

I really wish I was seeing at least 2 changes to perks or the skill-trees of various weapons every week. I’m sure there are plenty of ideas you’ve come up with…since you’ve barely touched them at all.

Instead, you bring down the servers multiple times a week and do absolutely nothing to change the game. The changes don’t have to be massive. You can tweak them without going through a month of PTR feedback mostly from morons who only want their own playstyles buffed.

Learn from LoL. Every other week, you have a new game. You don’t have their workforce, but you also don’t have to balance 1% as much as they do. Like I said, unless the game is actually broken (judging by broken perks for 4 months), you can alter your game, at least to get inactive players’ attention.

I almost always feel like I’m investing time into a dead game. It’s mostly because the devs just come off as weak as fuck. Either they have no money or are being lead and directed by idiots.

Having an entire month for bugs, when you’ve barely touched the game at all for 4 months? Do something you fucks. WTF are these skill-trees? At least alter the values, or replace some of them. You guys are so useless lol. At least try…you have so many players you can attract back.

You don’t have the initiative or the confidence in your work to use the opportunity of server-downtime to ease in your ideas. You have to be a brainless diversity-hire to ruin such a beautiful game, how have you managed to do it? Animals.

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