Start polling changes before its too late

I come from playing runescape for 15 years. AGS should ask JAGEX what its like to kill a game, screw over all of their players and then attempt a comeback thats nearly impossible.

Runescape killed their game EXACTLY like AGS by removing free trade years ago. Millions of daily players reduced to 100k/day and they never recovered.

over the past 5 years the runescape team worked their asses off and now ALL content is polled by players before even going into development.

Its just a way for devs and management of the game to see if what THEY THINK IS GOOD FOR THE GAME is on par with what the players think. You know the people that no life your game and make you money?

CLEARLY AGS thinks what they’re doing is right, while everyone is SCREAMING they cant stand it anymore.

It only adds to the conspiracy theory. How hard is a poll?

This post is made over 2 months of dumb bugs and the december update. The december update will be the last straw for myself and 4 other friends if it goes how everyone is expecting it to go. HWM reset, gear downgrades, etc.




They won’t poll because they believe they know what is best for us. All the data shows otherwise, but their egos will keep them from processing that data. Instead they will stay their course and when their course crashes and burns they will blame the players for being trolls or some other blame-shifting dismissive term.


They’re making the same mistakes WoW made and is continuing to make. Making players grind systems they think are horrible and calling it “progression.”

The reason I played new world was because I had total freedom to play and gear how I wanted. There’s no real gear progression for pvpers (which is ironic because this is a PvP heavy game) but I didn’t mind since you can buy great gear or craft it. This at least gave you 2 options of gearing reliably without doing pve content.

And let’s be honest, there’s barely any pve content that isn’t zerging elite zones or doing “chest runs.” Dungeons are inaccessible for the majority of players due to the asinine orb system, and are pointless anyway if you didn’t do the previously mentioned chest runs or elite POI Zerg to raise your watermark.

So all in all, 2/3rds of the player base are being funneled into a playstyle of another. Totally goes against the idea of what new world is to a lot of people.

If they made this system at launch, it wouldn’t be too bad. But now a large majority of people who didn’t participate in the flawed watermark system at the start are at a disadvantage and are forced into a grind to access gear they have spent thousands upon thousands of coin on, either through crafting or playing the trading post.

It’s really sad to see other players glad that these people are getting screwed. Their response is, “now you’re going to have to play the game.” Even though they already have, just in a different way than you.

Sorry for the wall of text. Thanks.


Quality threads like this one get no love. Let it be a troll and everyone all in it.

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I think the guy above you was agreeing with you

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